Wedding venues in the metro NYC area

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Wedding venues in the metro NYC area

I know there are lots of books and websites, but would love some personal recommendations of relatively affordable venues in the NYC, NJ, Ct. area for a glamorous looking sit down wedding for 100- 150 (and I know it makes a difference but at this point, just gathering info). Bride to be has fairy tale wedding in mind (and plenty of friends who've had them) and single Mother of the bride has limited resources. (I know, I know). Neither are me, btw. TIA
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My almost 50 year old SIL is getting married this April - she too wants a fairy-tale wedding (and having her mother pay for it - but that's another story). She's marrying a NJ wedding photographer and they looked at, and know a lot of places - I think they've picked this place: but I'm not positive.

The good news is, in this economy, people are cutting back and places are VERY negotiable.

I'll talk to my SIL and post back when I have more info.
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Some relatively affordable NYC options that I know of:
3 West Club
Moran's Chelsea
Alger House

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I'm not sure what you consider "affordable" Mclaurie, but there are various ways to go about this. We started with how many guests we were having (around 100-120 and then started looking at venues that would accommodate that size of group.

We had our reception at the Americas Society -- 68 & Park. It's a beautiful mansion with a paneled library for cocktails, a massive "Tara" type staircase and 2 beautiful rooms for the dinner/dancing with rococco type decorations.

They don't have onsite catering, which is a minus for some, but to us it was a positive because it allowed us to control the budget better and choose the kind of food we really wanted. They will require you to join, but the membership is tax deductible. The site fee was very reasonable, and then of course you had to do the catering. They can comfortably accommodate around 120 for dinner and dancing.

Another choice might be the Boathouse (I seem to recall that they price it by plate and the cost was reasonable, but this is going back a while). There are some other choices, will have to think of them.
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Otto Kahn mansion was the other place I was thinking of -- I think they also don't do onsite catering.

These are all Manhattan choices. Of course, a NJ or CT wedding is likely to be much cheaper.
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Waveny in New Canaan, CT.

Alles gut!
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visit and ask your question there.
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Friends f ours got married at The Manor in West Orange, NJ. Not sure how expensive it was, but the ceremony took place in the garden, which was gorgeous. Food was excellent too.

Another friend of mine had their reception held at a place near Eagle Rock... great views of Manhattan skyline at night. Can't recall the name of the place right now, but if you're interested, I can find out.
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Here are a few suggestions at the Jersey Shore: Don't Know about prices but they all have wonderful settings.
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So yes, is where my SIL is getting married in April - it definitely has that Fairy tale, white wedding dress atmosphere, big fountains, gazebo, etc. It can't be too expensive, because they don't have too much money - if you want more info, I'm happy to ask them.
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I very much appreciate all the input so far. It does make me realize "fairy tale wedding" means different things to different people and I've not had a chance to speak to the bride yet, just the Mother. I think bride might prefer lisettemac's kind of wedding but it may not be as affordable as Mother of bride would like. I think a suburban location will give them more for money. Would appreciate an idea of price for Rockleigh (if it's not too crass for you to ask, mp).

Would also be curious to know what lisettemac's wedding cost or an idea of price/person and the caterer if you were happy with the food. I think if it's in Manhattan, the idea of renting a space and then hiring a caterer (and bringing in their own alcohol) will be better value for money.
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Renting space in Manhattan and bringing in your own caterer is not necessarily more cost effective (as I found out in my own wedding planning 4 years ago). Many of the rental spaces I looked at were $6000 or more for a saturday night. Catering fees for a sit-down dinner in Manhattan average around $200 per person. How those costs will be or have already changed with the current economic situation, I don't know.

DH and I had a very limited budget to work with, so ended up having a dinner reception for 40ppl at a restaurant that we liked becuase the quality of the food was important to us (Provence Restaurant in Soho- which has since closed).

I know 'fairy-tale wedding' can mean alot of different things depending on the person. I honestly wish your friend and her daughter the best of luck in planning.
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It will usually be cheaper to have the wedding on a Friday night, Saturday morning, or a hint to give her. But it's really time that we all learned to write our own fairy tales so you might also want to send her to this link: which I think is one of my favorite Fodor's wedding links ever.

It's kind of you to help out!
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"Affordable" is relative.
I got married last spring at the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens at The Palm House. For me, an outdoor wedding among the acres of meadows & blooming flower beds was simply beautiful without artificial splendor or expense of buying additional decorations/flowers.

The Palm House venue isn't cheap but I believe one can have a wedding at the gardens without having it at the Palm House. See
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I dont know if this would be "metropolitan" but some of the wineries on the North Fork of Long Island cater weddings. Sorry, but dont know which. Use google.
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Hmmm. Mclaurie -- you are going back 3 jobs, 2 kids... I don't know if I can recall what it was. I asked DH and he just laughed. His recollection is that the site fee was around $2500, though.

I do know that our caterer was "moveable feast" in brooklyn. A small catering outfit and they are very willing to work with you and a budget.

There are lots of ways to trim a wedding budget and a good caterer will help you with them. Pay for liquor by the drink, rather than open bar by the hour. Have wine and beer instead of a full bar. Bring your own liquor (this was an option for us -- but we thought it wasn't worth the hassle). Don't rent the premium chairs/plates/table coverings. Have chicken instead of fish, etc. My recollection is that Moveable Feast handled all of these things for us ... that is, the cost pp included all rentals, the cake, etc. I want to say it was around $100 pp, 8 years ago.

Of course, there are other areas to trim -- fewer flowers, no favors, DJ vs. band, etc. Americas Society is a beautiful site, so it doesn't require lots of decorations.

As crazy as it sounds, DH and I sat down and talked about our "goals" for the wedding. We both agreed we wanted a meaningful religious ceremony (which we had nearby at Madison Ave Presbyterian) and we wanted a fun party. So, we spent less on flowers and no favors. We had no transportation costs since we walked from the church to the hall (with a bagpiper leading us down Madison Ave -- cost: $100, but I think he would have done it for beer! ;=) and we spent more on band and booze. I also bought my gown at the Saks sample sale (something I highly recommend to the bide) But that's just us.

This bride will have to figure out what's most important to her ... for example, maybe a church will have a hall downstairs she can use and then she can spend more on flowers/table coverings to decorate. Or maybe she'll get a bargain gown and decide she'll use the difference for catering. But obviously, step 1 is for Mom and daughter to get on the same page re: budget. DH and I paid for our wedding ourselves.
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mclaurie, i don't know the cost, but a friend used this lady and her outfit to do her NYC wedding, and she was not wealthy. unusual and nice locations.
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We were married in 2007 at St. Bartholomew's Church (which was absolutely beautiful). Our dinner/reception was at "Remi" which is located just a few blocks from the church (if you are familiar with Sex and the City they shot a dinner scene there with the girls and Mr. Big). They have a back room with high ceilings but also have a covered Atrium which you can have turned into anything you want.

A few vendors we recommend: Alice's Tea cup for the cake (we gave her free reign in design and she did fabulous), Joel Greenberg/Wendy Stewart photography (Fantastic job), Broadway Party Rentals for accessories and Jaded Waiter for waitstaff if hiring on your own for a private function (her name was supplied to us by Broadway Rental). We had NOTHING BUT GOOD THINGS to say about these vendors. Good luck...we planned our wedding from Washington DC and all of these vendors came through for us.

Mrs. Campbell
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Abigail Kirsch does a lovely job and they are the exclusive caterer for several lovely NY locations (NY Botanical Garden comes to mind), but they are very expensive.
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mcl - I'm waiting to hear back from my SIL .. . should be soon
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