We've just lost a day in Hawaii!!

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Thanks for the mai tai, Debi. I don't usually drink this early in the day, but today would be the exception.

LoveItaly, I've been yodeling and hula-ing since this all got resolved!! I'll be quite a hit at the luau.

I've been doing so much research on the BI and I was becoming really sorry we didn't have more time. But now that we have a couple of extra days, I need to draft a new plan.

Rats, gotta run, DH just yelled from the kitchen--he has just spilled spaghetti sauce and meatballs into my purse and into the dog's dish!! AARRGGHH, what's up with this freaky day??
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P_M, maybe DH was packing lunch for you and the dog? ;-)

I'm glad everything worked out and you're happy with the end result. The 8P approach could be really beautiful with the twinkling lights from the island below. And still there will be plenty of time to collect the luggage, head to where you're staying and dance (hula?) on the beach beneath the stars with DH.

I'm looking forward to reading your trip report--we haven't been to the BI yet and really look forward to visiting one day.
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P_M, your husband did WHAT? Spaghetti sauce and meatballs were spilled into you purse?? OK dear one, an explaination on that too, lol. Bet your pup is having fun cleaning out his dish. My little pup loved meatballs and marinated mushrooms.
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Well, the mess is cleaned up and I went for a run to clear my head from all of the day's excitement. It started when DH picked up the bowl with sauce and meatballs in it. My purse was on the counter, so when he spilled it, the sauce/meatballs first hit my purse then flowed down into the dog dish. It looked like a lava flow--perhaps this is foreshadowing of our trip to Volcano National Park on the Big Island? Anyway, DH grabbed the dog dish immediately, as our dog has a very sensitive stomach and any "people" food makes her sick. Sundays are usually peaceful and quiet, but today has been interesting, to say the least.
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Hey, P M.

Sorry I missed all the excitement - ticketwise and spaghettiwise, but I'm glad it all worked out.

Enjoy the Big Island. It is absolutely fabulous. If you like to hike, I'll look at my notes and tell you a great place for a hike on the north end of the island.
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Lost a day? You're only losing 7 hours. Even if you arrived on time you'd probably be too tired to do much anyway. Just go to bed once you get there, and wake up early the next day; maybe take a nap in the afternoon, then head back out at night.

Get er' done!
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