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anneryan Dec 18th, 2005 06:57 PM

Washington DC Hotel for Mom and Two Teenage Daughters
Hi, I am taking my two teenage daughters (17 and 18) to Washington DC for New Year's Eve. I'm trying to find a hotel near a Metro stop and also near some fun, funky shops and eating places. I would like to be in an area that is safe for the three of us walking to and from the Metro, especially at night. What would you experts suggest? Thanks so much!

rb_travelerxATyahoo Dec 18th, 2005 07:07 PM

My first suggestion would be around Dupont Circle. Never been to DC on NYE, but that area normally has a good amount of activity, so I'm sure NYE will be real good.

Hotels around Gallery Place/Chinatown, MetroCenter, are all in active parts of town. The Loews L'Enfant Plaza is right over the Metrostation but it's sort of desolate at night, probably not much different NYE. Staation itself not desolate, as it's a major transfer point, just nothing happening in the neighborhood above ground.

I would imagine that Alexandria VA might be a nice place. I think they have First Night festivities, and there are a number of nice hotels "spitting distance" from the King Street Metro station. It's a relatively short ride up to central DC for your visits there. Strolling King Street in Old Town is like stepping into another era, I really think you'd like that more than DC.

Most DC hotels in the "central area" are pretty safe locations, as long as you stay to the south and west of Massachusetts Ave.

emd Dec 18th, 2005 07:08 PM

Dupont Circle for fun shops, eating places, and metro stop.
Hotel: Radisson Barcello is a big favorite on this forum, with great reviews on

flygirl Dec 18th, 2005 07:14 PM


since I live here I can't name hotel names nor advise on them but I can tell you about areas. I would recognize hotels of course but I don't need to stay in any for obvious reasons!

Dupont Circle would be a fun area and right in DC itself. Lots of restaurants.

Clarendon is also a happening area with a lot of shops and restos. It's in Virginia but not too far from DC on the metro - a few stops. I can't think of any local hotels though but there may well be some there.

Another area also across the river in VA is Crystal City or Pentagon City. These won't be happenin' like Dupont would be but they are close by and safe. Plenty of restos, and in the case of Pentagon City a massive mall with a lot of great clothing stores (it's called the Fashion Center at Pentagon City).

I wouldn't advise Arlington unless you wanted to save a little money though, it's perfectly safe but it just doesn't have the city vibe unless you are in the aforementioned Clarendon and even that isn't quite DC. (all of the above little towns I named are actually Arlington, each area is like a village with a different name, kind of.)

flygirl Dec 18th, 2005 07:16 PM

whoops, was writing my stuff at the same time as everyone else. forgot to mention Georgetown BUT it isn't close to the metro alas. you could cab it for about 7-8 blocks though.

rb_travelerxATyahoo Dec 18th, 2005 07:26 PM

The Radisson Barcelo is no longer of that name. I think the name is now something like "The Inn at Dupont Circle" I stayed there when it was a Radisson and was very pleased, especially with the size of the room.

I took Orange Line to Clarendon once, and it is a lively area with some great restaurants & bars. I don't think there are any hotels near that stop, but there are within a few stops either direction from that stop.

Again pushing Alexandria, there is an Embassy Suites near the station, and there is a first night celebration.

MikeT Dec 18th, 2005 09:39 PM

The Barcelo is being gutted and converted by Kimpton into a new hotel.

Anonymous Dec 19th, 2005 02:52 AM

Frankly, the intrigue of Dupont Circle is completely lost on me. My vote goes to Georgetown: Lots of young-folks-oriented shops and general energy, thanks to the college population.

Georgetown is much more accessible than it used to be, thanks to the new Circulator Bus. The bus runs every 5 minutes and isn't officially a part of DC's Metro system, though it takes their cards as payment for the $1 fare (along with other forms, including cash).

seahatch Dec 19th, 2005 06:13 AM

Trip report I did earlier this year may be of some use>>>>>>

Author: seahatch
Date: 08/02/2005, 03:46 am
I post a short rundown of my trip to D.C.
We did a lot in the time and some times only got a flavour of the place but it was a great trip, thank you D.C.

Day 1 7th. July
Arrived around 6pm. Traffic busy as security in D.C. had been stepped up due to the London bombing that day. Booked in to hotel (Capitol Hilton on 16th.) room was great, looked right on to the White House 2 blocks away. Then went to eat then had an early night after long day travelling.
Day 2 8th. July
Went to American History Museum (V. Good) Then on to the Old Post Office, went up lift to top and had great views over city. Then on to the Aquarium this was the only disappointment of our trip, not a lot to it. It may be better for familyís with small children. On way back went past White House to get some photos.
Day 3 9th. July
Took a Trolley Tour and went to Arlington Cemetery, when in Arlington Cemetery I would recommend using the Tourmobile buses as it is quite hilly and a big area to cover. After Arlington we continued with the Trolley tour of the City. Great interesting day.
Day 4 10th. July
Walked from hotel to Lincoln Memorial then on to Vietnam memorial, Korean Memorial, W.W.II Memorial and Washington Monument. Finished off at the Holocaust Museum which was incredible and very moving. This was our longest trip and quite tiring but well worth it
Day 5 11th. July
Took metro and spent the day at the National Zoo. Great day out!
Day 6 12th. July
Took Metro to Union Station, beautiful building, plus shops and restaurants. Went on to Library of Congress and had a guided tour. What a magnificent building, a must see! Then walked round Capitol building.
Day 7 13h. July
Walked to F.B.I. Building but closed to public for renovation. Went on to Spy Museum, really good, spent over 4 hours there. Then on to Fords Theatre and the Peterson House. Interesting talk at Theatre on history of building and events.
Day 8 14. July
Took bus to Georgetown. My wife enjoyed that! Plenty of good shops and places to eat!
Day 9 15h. July
Went to Air and Space Museum and American Indian Museum. Both great and a must see.
Day 10 16h. July
Visited the natural History Museum. Great place for families, so much to appeal to all ages.

For breakfast we went to Starbucks, Cosi, Firehook Bakeries, Corner Bakery, Union Station
& Caribou Coffee. I thought the best was Caribou Coffee but they were all good.

For Dinner we went to Bertuccis, Luna, Californian Pizza House, Heritage Indian Restaurant all on Connecticut towards Dupont Circle, also went to Hard Rock Café on my Sonís birthday which as great . When they found out it was his birthday they gave him a free sundae and made him sit in a chair in the middle of the café and got everyone sing happy birthday to him. He will not forget that night!
I thought the best was Luna, great food and tremendous service. We went there three times!
Our server Alice is going to Paris shortly on vacation, have a great one Alice!
My son would of course argue for Hard Rock Café but he thought Luna was great too.

Hope this is of help, I would also suggest staying in Georgetown as there is more to do at night and all the shops and resturants seem to be there. getting in to the city was easy on the metro or the Circular bus seem to run every 15 min and only cost $1

MikeT Dec 19th, 2005 07:18 AM

I actually agree for girls that age, G-town is probably more interesting than DuPont Circle. Lots of shopping and places they will like. I find G-town rather charmless because there are so many chain stores and the like, but if I was a 17-year old girl, I couold definitely see the attraction.

DuPont Circle is where DC people go; G-town is where tourists go.

tracys2cents Dec 19th, 2005 07:48 AM

If you can't find anything affordable in Georgetown or Dupont, a good alternative is the hilton garden inn/arlington Courthouse...just 2 short blocks from the metro with a few shops and eateries around and more shopping just a short walk up the hill. The metro takes about 12 minutes into DC... I think parking is still free at this hotel and the rooms are just big enough for the 3 of you to be comfortable not cramped.

denice7 Dec 19th, 2005 08:36 AM

hotels are cheap for new years eve because DC does no do anything special. I would recommend Gtown or Alexandria. Alexandria does do a first night that is quite nice. There are plenty of hotels on King Sreet near the metro stop.

you could also stay in dc and take the metro over to Alexandria.

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