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Monica Oct 5th, 2000 04:18 AM

What is this hotel ? Are rooms too much classic ? <BR>Is better to stay to Marriot Marquis ?

nycer Oct 5th, 2000 09:46 AM

I'm not 100% sure about this, but I think the Waldorf Towers is the ultra-nice, very very expensive part of the Waldorf Astoria. When President Clinton is in town he stays at the Waldorf Towers. I don't know what the decor is like but I would guess it is pretty classic. It is on Park Ave and 50th Street, an easy walk to Grand Central. The immediate neighborhood is mostly office buildings and hotels so during weekdays it is crazy with people going to work. Marriott Marquis is in Times Square so the neighborhood is crazy all the time. I believe the Marriott would be much less expensive, even than the "regular" part of the Waldorf, the Waldorf Astoria, and the design of the place would be more cookie-cutter decent hotel chain, not as refined as the Waldorf. Both are very well located for transportation and the Marriott is better if you want to be close to theaters.

tweedy Oct 5th, 2000 10:56 AM

Monica, the Waldorf is one of the nicest hotels in the city, and on the list of favorite rest rooms (lol), sorry can't remember the name of the book on restrooms. <BR> <BR>The towers are also available as permanent housing for celebrities in the area. <BR> <BR>From the Waldorf, there are several good restaurants in the area for lunch and dinner, and heading east toward 2nd AVe you will find lots of restaurants. <BR> <BR>If you want a very special evening try Cirque2000 which is located at the Palace Hotel a few blocks away at Madison and 50th St. <BR> <BR>Also there is lots of shopping in the immediate area as well, along Madison Ave, including Daffy's around 45th St. <BR> <BR>The Marriott is beautiful also and you can get a room with a great view of the city. The hotel also houses a theatre which is playing "Annie Get Your Gun" right now with Cheryl Ladd. The lobby area is very pretty and there is a restaurant and revolving bar overlooking Times Square. <BR> <BR>So both hotels are worth looking into depending on what your plans may be. <BR> <BR>tweedy

Patrick Oct 5th, 2000 02:08 PM

Normally, I hate big hotels; love small intimate European style hotels. That said, my favorite hotel in New York (and I've stayed at about 12 of the major ones) is the Marriot Marquis. Two years ago we went to New York with two friends, one of whom had always stayed at the Waldorf Towers with her parents. One stay at the Marriot had her hooked. This year she returned to New York with her parents and they all stayed at the Marquis. Why? Even a standard room is quite large and well equipped with a full size sofa and a very comfortable lounge chair with ottoman. The end wall is floor to ceiling, wall to wall glass that is like a giant movie screen looking right up Broadway (if you request the North side.) The first thing we do is rearrange the furniture so that it all faces out to this view. In addition if you do as much theatre as we do, it's mainly right outside your door. Our friends tell us that although the Marquis is not nearly so "elegant and refined" as the Waldorf Towers, the rooms are actually larger (other than suites) and more comfortable. You just have to put up with the crowds in the elevator lobby waiting to go up to the lobby level, public rooms, and the revolving bar and restaurant way up on top.

elaine Oct 5th, 2000 05:53 PM

nycer is correct. The Waldorf Towers is more pricey than Waldorf Astoria. However, if you have Hilton Honors points, the Towers would be a nice property to use points. Towers has separate check in and private concierge. The rooms are very nicely decorated and all are on high floors. <BR>If comparing Waldorf Astoria to Marriott Marquis, I'd stay at the Marriott. If money is no object, I'd opt for Waldorf Towers.

Brian Kilgore Oct 5th, 2000 09:06 PM

If you are under 50 years old, stay at the Marriott Marquis. You'll be surrounded by lively, exciting New York. <BR>But make sure you visit the lobby of the Waldorf Astoria, (it's an amaxzing architectural marvel) and if you like meals with lots of meat, go across the street from the back of the hotel to Smith& Wollensky's Restaurant, for a steak dinner. I can't imagine there's a restaurant in all of Italy like S&W. <BR>BAK

Patrick Oct 6th, 2000 06:03 AM

Thank you, Brian. I'm just a little over 50, and now I realize that maybe the reason I like the Marquis is because I'm still so young at heart. Many people could call the Waldorf (particularly the Towers) stuffy, but no one would ever use that word to describe the Marquis, and hopefully not to describe me.

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