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ksunshine91 Aug 15th, 2006 03:59 PM

Vegas Virgins!
Hi Everyone- My mom and I are planning to go to Vegas for the first time next year to celebrate our 60th and 30th birthdays. We are just starting to plan this little trip. We plan on going for 4 days out of Phila. What's the best time of year to go? We are very flexible on this. Any hotel recommendations? We won't be partying much, but will definitely hit a few bars. Also, want to check out a few shows and lounge at the pools. Thinking our budget for air and hotel will be around $750. Any suggestions for a first time trip to Vegas is greatly appreciated. I hope this isn't too broad of a request....Thanks in advance for any help!

ksunshine91 Aug 15th, 2006 04:01 PM

Oops! Didn't mean to hit "post" twice-- sorry!

Scarlett Aug 15th, 2006 04:26 PM

I like going in March, at the end of the month. In the NE it is still cold and mostly wet, in LV it will be in the 70s at least and dry. You can do a day trip or two, we like renting a car and driving to Red Rock Canyon ..
My favorite hotel is the Bellagio.
Get tickets for shows as soon as you book. See Mystere. :)
Good luck, you will surely get plenty of ideas here !

nytraveler Aug 15th, 2006 04:30 PM

Well - you can;t lounge at the pool in the winter - they're closed because it's too cold. And in midsummer the temps are over 100. So I would go for spring or fall.

Don;t know what the airfare out of Phil is - but Vegas hotels are not nearly the bargains they once were - the decent ones are quite pricey - you may want to look into Priceline - depending on how they define 4* - or you might be confined to 5*. Also, rates are much better Mon-Thu and much higher on weekends.

Since hotels are a large part of this type of vacation I would read everything you can here, on etc - to see which ones you really want to stay in - then figure how to get a good price. And don;t forget the hotel web sites themselves - in fact, sign up for them now, since they often have the best rates.

Lori Aug 15th, 2006 05:33 PM

Pick a hotel Center Strip and you will be happy. You can then go in either direction easily :-) Go to every hotel's website that you are interested in and check prices. Make a reservation at the one you like best (1 night deposit will be charged on your credit card). You can always cancel and get a refund.

Weather wise Spring and Fall are the best. Price wise -- there are no real bargains anymore. I go several times a year and prices just keep creeping up and up, it's not like "the old days" :-) Sunday-Thurs. are generally lower then weekends tho so plan your trip around those days.

For Center Strip I'd suggest Paris, Mirage, Treasure Island as "middle-range" price wise. Bellagio & Caeser's are higher. Also in that Center Strip area are Flamingo, Bally's and Aladdin. The Venetian is across the street from Treasure Island but is pricier.

While I am not crazy about the south end of the Strip the Monte Carlo is not too far South so you might consider it. I personally do not like the MGM at all. Do not even consider a place like Imperial Palace, Frontier, Stardust or Circus Circus.

For a beautiful pool the Mirage is the best, very tropical/Hawaiian looking. The Flamingo pool is also very pretty.

Once you get your dates firmed up you can think about shows. Many do not book more then 90 days out.

Braunsky Aug 31st, 2006 07:18 PM

ksunshine91 - you will have a blast! Late February and March are good spring getaway times, especially if you're escaping the NE. October is also good weather in Vegas, but a busy month. We love Vegas and go often. Don't know what your airfare will be, but $750 for two of you for air & hotel might be a bit thin. I concur that midstrip is best for getting the full Vegas feeling. The Flamino and Ballys are on our favorite corner (across from Bellagio & Caesars Palace) and good midrange / less expensive hotels. Both are owned by Harrahs now. Check out their prices & deals at Click on the "more hot deals" in the "Hot Deals" section to get a listing of all their properties in Vegas. Hotel rooms are priced by supply and demand in Vegas - better than the NYSE. If you look at the Flamingo's prices in September and October this year, their standard rooms are priced at from $55 per night to $400 per night depending on the date. As they fill up, the price goes up for remaining rooms. We've always done better booking air and hotel separate because air fare to Vegas from Kansas City is so cheap, but Southwest offers some package deals that looked attractive. Whatever you do, and however low their prices are, do not stay at the Imperial Palace. We've never stayed there but have know people that have and regretted it. Don't know about the Barbery Coast - it's a very small, old hotel right on the Flamingo - Ballys - Bellagio - Caesars Palace Corner. Their casino is dark and noisy but I know nothing about their rooms. Have fun!

trippinkpj Aug 31st, 2006 08:20 PM

I would suggest Sunday thru Thursday nights to save. Most weekends are very pricey. And maybe a vacation thru an airline might be good. I'm guessing $750 for two may not be doable from Phila.. It's even a little tight for 4 nights from the west coast.

Tess Aug 31st, 2006 09:16 PM

Some Vegas pools are open in the winter. Check with each hotel to make sure but we've stayed at Mirage before in January when the temps were 85 degrees and the pool was open.

tom42 Sep 1st, 2006 05:52 AM

Don't go in the winter if you want to be guaranteed pool time. Late April through May is a nice time to go. Temps should be in the 80s. Also, mid-Sept through Mid-Oct is great weatherwise.

marysue27 Sep 1st, 2006 07:13 AM

Stay at Paris (good location, easy to navigate, nice atmosphere in the casino).

Go to the piano bar at NY NY! It's SO fun and would be appropriate for all on your trip.

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