Vegas:Taxis from Airport to Venetian

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Vegas:Taxis from Airport to Venetian

I have done a search and I can't find the thread that stated which route to take from the airport. I remember it mentioned not to take the expressway, but I can't remember what was the correct route. I don't want to be ripped off by the driver, so any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
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Most cabs will exit the airport down Tropicanna and make a right onto the Strip (toward Venetian, Paris, Ti, Mirage etc...) or Left (toward Luxor, Mandalay Bay, Excalibur etc...) I can't imagine a cab taking the expressway unless there's a back up somewhere.

Don't worry too much about a cab driver trying to go out of the way to rip you off in a city like Las Vegas. He actually makes more money the faster he can get you to your destination and pick up a new fare. Have a great time, you'll love the Venetian!
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To the Venetian, taking the Expressway has one purpose, seperating you from your wallet.

Any cab driver should know that making a left turn from Flamingo onto Las Vegas Blvd, can take some time as that light can back up.

If you are arriving at a time when the roads shouldn't be too bad, then the scenic route might be to take Tropicana to the Strip, then drive past the MGM, Bellagio, Paris, etc for the view.

However, the most expiediant route would be to take Paradise (which parallels the Strip) to Flamingo, with a right onto LV Blvd. You'll be making the right where the Barbary Coast hotel is.
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I'd worry about taxi drivers trying to rip you off from the airport.

Last October I arrived at the airport and took a cab to Bally's. The first words out of the cabbie's mouth were "do you wanna take the expressway it's faster?" And way more expensive which he failed to mention. I told him no, take Paradise Road north to Tropicana and turn left on Flamingo. You can make a left off Paradise Rd into Bally's and not hit the strip at all. He wasn't too happy with my response.

On the cab ride back I was asked the same question. Why would I want to make a left turn onto Flamingo, wait to get across Las Vegas Boulevard, get on the interstate and go 5 or 6 miles out of my way? I informed this cabbie of the way I wanted to go to the airport, right on Flamingo, right on Paradise, voila you're there. I got another less-than-happy cabbie. They probably aren't too thrilled with my tips either. I'm disinclined to tip well when someone's tried to rip me off.

By the way, those cabbies loooove to sit on the strip and watch the meter click by the minutes as your cab moves more slowly than walking down Las Vegas Boulevard.

You'll want to go the same route. When you're on Flamingo you'll turn right on the strip and go the short distance on the strip to the Venetian. There may be a back way running behind the Flamingo and Harrahs to keep you off the strip but I'm not sure.
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This question was asked in the USA Today travel section last year. A local LV travel expert offered the following response to a question like yours:

Question from "Weslaco,TX" : Why is it that when people arrive at the Airport in Vegas and get a taxi, the driver takes them through the long way around Vegas and avoids the strip. Does the driver think that we are all STUPID and it's the first time there?...This is highway robbery, especially if your hotel is right down on the strip no more than 2 miles from the airport.

Answer from James P. Reza: Las Vegas taxi drivers are, for the most part, accomodating and attentive to the needs of the traveler. They have to be--that's where the money is. In the case you describe, it's a case of making a choice between a longer mile charge versus a longer time charge. Since traffic on the Strip is always backed up (it can take an hour to travel 3 miles on a busy weekend), cab drivers almost always take Paradise or Industrial (parallel roads on either side of the Strip) to cut back on time--which benefits both the rider and the driver.

Next time you are in town and heading from the airport to the Strip, request when leaving McCarran Int'l that the driver avoid the I-215 airport connector (which almost always results in a fare "pad") and use one of these streets instead.

I often rent a car when in LV. I always take Paradise Road to get to casinos on the northern part of the Strip, just like Ryan said.

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If the Cabby knows what she/he is doing he will take Koval Lane to the back side of the Venetian and never set tire on Las Vegas Blvd. I find it a big pain to get to the Venetian from the Freeway, and usually end up driving (my own car) through the Mirage complex. We have driven a lot in LV and found Koval to be a good access to the Venetian. (Stayed 3 times, all with car)

Koval runs parallel between Paradise and Las Vegas Blvd. If she/he comes out of the airport on the East side they will be on Paradise and she/he can get to Koval from either Tropicana or Flamingo. You can find a map and see how the airport is situated from the airport.

If all fails, just enjoy the ride.
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To keep things in perspective, the difference in fare amounts bewteen the routes amounts to a few dollars.
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Thanks everyone. I know it's not a lot of money, but I hate when cabbie's take advantage of out-of-towners. I always want to be prepared.
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The last time I was in Vegas I took a limo from the airport to our hotel on the strip. You pick up the limo in the same area that you would catch a shuttle bus. It cost $4.00 one way! One our way back to the airport, we just called the same limo service. Again, just $4.00. I don't think I'll take a taxi again when I'm in Vegas.
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Count me in as one of those ripped off by the cabbie.

My cab ride from the Venetian to the airport to pick up my husband was $9 including tax. From the airport back to the Venetian, no traffic on Las Vegas Boulevard, this was right after September 11th, my cab fare was $22 and I didn't tip.

I filed an official complaint with the LV cab association and got a refund. I wrote down the cabbie's name and medallion (or whatever it is) number.
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Glad to hear you followed up and got some satisfaction, GoTravel. The close proximity of the strip to the airport is a real plus. It's a shame to know that there are some cabbies who insist on trying to fleece people. (Happily, I've never had one of them.)
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I'm looking forward to phase III of public transport. It's supposed to hook the airport up to the strip and downtown.
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Yes, the monorail will be great once it hooks up to McCarran Airport. This won't be completed until 2007 (of course that's the scheduled year. I'd bet on 2008).
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