Upstate NY trip report

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Get back to work, L.
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one minor correction/clarification, c,
Clinton Vineyards is near Schultzville NY (sneeze, and you'll miss it) while Cascade Winery is further east in Amenia. And don't forget about Millbrook
Vineyards (in Millbrook, of course!)

slr: c gives some good suggestions of places to stay. Keep in mind that on summer weekends, it will be nearly impossible to book any of the nice places near Rhinebeck(unless you do it now) , especially the weekends of the crafts fair and the county fair held in the fairgrounds right in town. Also, because Rhinebeck is one of those places car-deprived NYC folk can go without a car, it is a VERY popular place all summer weekends. Expensive rooms,crowded roads,need reservations in advance for good dinners. Another place to stay (closer to Poughkeepsie, about 20 miles south of Rhinebeck) is the Inn at the Falls. It's not quite an inn more like an upscale 'country hotel' but very nice.
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Thanks JD, we found Clinton Vineyards the year BClinton was elected, and the owner was telling us how he sent the White House all this wine...we discovered it while getting lost, which is my favorite pasttime up there.And in Amenia, the name of the winery my husband likes is Cascade.We also discovered that while lost..amazing the places you end up in when wandering lost through the woods~
DeL...some friends are worth the sacrifice..and sitting in front of the fireplace in Paris,toasting those friends is a pleasure.
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Excellent report, dearest C!

Makes one long to spend the winters in "Upstate NY" rather than boring ole Cincy. Do much shopping while there?!? Sorry you had to endure the squeaking staircase and the loud dinner guests - perhaps that's why you got a bottle of wine and 2 glasses. Heavens!!

Special thanks for the recommendations and the advice - we now know what to steer clear (no 2nd floor - no tacky diners!).

Warmest wishes
MaryC : )
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Hi Mary!
Actually, the shopping on this trip,besides wine! was for a country house to call our own, a little cottage in the woods, somewhere that the dog and I don't have to wear make-up or do our hair, we can go barefooted,and take long walks without a leash. OOPs, did I say the "dog and I"? Do you think we have been together in this house too much?
Next time we go, I will have a report on the area around the Berkshires, that will be for all our "cultered" friends, who like to sit on the grass and listen to concerts on a summer night..I would try but every time I sit on the grass, even in Central Park, I picture those little ticks and things climbing on me, then before you know it, the dog and I will have lyme disease.But that is for another report.:0)
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Very informative, quite amusing.Looking forward to your next report.And interested in hearing about the restaurants in the area. NC
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Now C, I really think it's time to give up on putting make-up on the dog!! : ) Although I'm SURE it relieves the boredom in the house.

As for the picnics in the park complete with concert (or Shakespeare!!) you must bring BASKETS of wine!! That's how you forget about those NASTY bugs.

I do hope you get your cottage in the woods soon, dearest C. Then all of us will come visit you and you can shepherd us around upstate NY!! I know - I presume too much!! : )

Have a great weekend, all!! ~Mary C
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Owen O'Neill
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Great trip report Candice - thanks so much (and congrats on getting so many replies with no objects thrown!) I've driven through the Rhinebeck area when coming down to north Jersey from Albany and taking alternate routes (other than I87) to avoid traffic. It sounds charming and worth checking out. To those who haven't driven the Taconic Parkway... pleas do so when the leaves are turning or it's verdant in sprigntime - a lovely experience. I chuckle about the upstate and downstate references. I'm originally from Syracuse, close to the geographic center of the state. Folks there refer to their own area as central NY, anything south of Peekskill as downstate and north to Albany as Hudson valley. Areas much to the north of I90 and east of Syracuse are considered to be northern NY. Imagine my surprise upon arriving at college to find my Manhattan raised classmates referring to places as remote as White Plains as "upstate"... apparently everything north of there is somewhere near Canada!
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To my foder friends who live in Scotia, I apologize ~~~~~~~~` I knew I was on the Mohawk River. My brain said one thing my hands said another. I am sorry I have not responded sooner. Have been on the road again.

I can't wait to bring my spouse to the Glen Sanders Manson - It was beautiful and I would love to explore more of Scotia. I said it was a hit and run experience. Next time I want to stay longer. I think Scotia has alot to offer.
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Topping for Harold
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i'm not sure which diner you tried, but there are actually some good ones near rhinebeck. just north, in red hook, is a cool old one right on route 9, the "historic" village diner. in rhinebeck, try blondies or schemmy's...both reasonable. or, for a small step up in price and atmosphere, foster's. there's also a huge diner in hyde park (can't think of the name) that's pretty good too. and southeast of hudson, right off the taconic on rt. 82, is the very cool taconic diner. i live in copake, which is east of rhinebeck, and we have a neat diner called dad's. p.s. for a great meal in rhinebeck, we really enjoyed cripple creek. it's on a side street, so ask someone. it's worth finding.
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Hi Sandy! Thanks, I will see about your better diners when we are up there next..we went to Fosters, awful.Schemmys we walked out of, smokey and too early in the am for screaming babies.Blondies was packed.Billy's in RedHook we ate in,sad to say,the service was great but the food was bad.And having traveled a bit and eaten in plenty of diners, usually they know how to scramble eggs- last bad diner was the Martindale in Hillsdale. I think I know the one you mentioned that is an old fashioned silver diner right out of town? didn't try that one this time...sounds like I did try every diner in NY! but obviously there are more to taste test...
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topping for arjay
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I was raised in the Hudson River Valley, and later the Berkshires in Massachusetts. As a kid I hated these areas, jealous of my cousins who got to live in a highrise apartment building in Queens. Years later, after many national and international trips, the Hudson River Valley is one of my favorite destinations. It may not have the in your face scenery of Colarado and Vermont, but there is something very peaceful and soothing about the area. And I love the old architecture. I didn't know how good I had it.
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Lol, Dan-and now people are flocking to the area to buy/rent summer homes!
It is such a lovely place,we have been going there for over 25 years, and still look forward to the fall apple picking, the concerts in the summer,antiquing,the getting better all the time restaurants!
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Must chime in here! This thread is just too funny.
"Upstate NY" is just that, up state!!

I'm from Syracuse, NY, and we are considered central NY. North of Syracuse is upstate NY. Not south.

I had no idea people referred to areas south of Albany as "upstate".
You have not seen upstate NY until you've been in the Adirondacks, seen Lake Placid, Alex Bay & the St. Lawrence, etc. Now, that's upstate NY!!

And to think all these years I've been referring to myself as someone from "upstate NY". I must be more specific!
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Oh, no, not the upstate issue crying for attention. Those of us to the south of you are hanging by our nails for a resolution. Believe me, we really care about this.
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Believe me x, I don't care if you care or not!!
I'm just proud of where I am from. Call me stupid ~ I did not realize I would need to specify that I was from upper upstate.
You must admit there is a definite difference in people from downstate vs. upstate.
Love visiting NY and Long Island, but would never want to live there!!!
Have a great day!

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