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No, and I don't think that this movie condones cynicism either. But it is my opinion that the cynicism as displayed in the motivational speaker bit was heavy-handed and a tad unbelievable. Glad to amuse you though.
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Jason Reitman who co-wrote and directed the movie said he intentionally left the ending of the movie ambiguous.

My 87 year old mother and her friends said he got what he deserved.
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Hi Suki

I just saw that as totally taking the mickey out of all that motivational speaking baloney. Come up with a weird catchphrase or gimmick like 'are you a stapler or a staple remover?', and off you go...

admittedly I first thought he was going to give a lesson on how to pack light for travel!
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Nstevey said "Dishonest at its core - at the end of the movie, the recently fired talk up the positives of being fired. No, no positives, not in this economy. Here's a movie about devastating peoples lives and there's a positive aspect?"
I think the recently fired were talking about the support they got from their family and loved ones as a direct counterpoint to the fact that the George Clooney character had none.
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Watched it last night.. enjoyed seeing another side to Clooney's acting, since I am not a die hard fan.

The casting was great, I liked the real people, settings from plane looking down.. the bleak feeling with weather/firings.
I hated their rehearsed speech about empire building, and the poor man who cried in the Detroit office, was a tear jerker!

The party scene was a little hokey, but I suppose in that environ, a few geeks would cut loose.. I always wanted to sneak into a huge exhibit or conference/trade show and get away with it.

Yes, it was a predicatable moment when he heard and saw the kids.. I assumed at the least another man would be there.
I had a bad feeling when he pulled up that night.

Finally, damn, she looked really Hollywood good walking to the bed with his tie around her hips! I would love that confidence, vs. slithering on the floor, to hide the dragging parts.
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"Still, you think she might have told him. She turned out to be a real sh**, which was a surprise."

In answer to this post, my thought was how the tables were turned. Isn't it usually the guy who is married and deceives the girl? The tables were turned but you don't expect the girl to pull this on the guy.

Also, when Clooney finally decides to help out by taking the pictures only to find out there was an entire bulletin board of pictures - like why did he bother.

Wonder where the bachelor dinner was held. It looked like an older motel a few blocks from Mitchell Field in Milwaukee.
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Sorry - not the bachelor dinner - it would be the rehearsal dinner the night before the wedding.
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"party scene was a little hokey" Ah, but totally realistic. That was one part of the film where I really laughed outloud. Too many national meetings/conferences/conventions where they have just that sort of thing--people on surf boards, riding the bull, dressed as wild west goes on.

I really enjoyed the film and didn't see the twist with the woman coming. I did like that the ending was not tied up in a pretty little bow.
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I did not like this movie.
I didn't dislike it either.
The popcorn was good.
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I got this on DVD from Netflix this weekend. I have to say I was pleasantly surprised and thoroughly . I'm also surprised by how much my view of it differed from others' here.

I thought Alex was rather surgical in his laying off of workers, but only looked less-so when Natalie showed up and tried to make it very cut and dry. I felt the company clipping his wings was the equivalent, to him, of getting laid off. Everything he'd been working toward (the 10 million miles) was ripped away from him.

I didn't see the bit with the husband and kids coming until he walked up to the door, when I literally said "this doesn't seem like it's going to work out." In retrospect I shoulda seen it coming!

I think I'm old enough and have worked long enough now so that I'd recognize it, but I just don't see kids right out of college with that amount of gusto and go-get-em like Natalie had. If anything, I see complete apathy for the most part, at least where I work for the last 5 years or so. Maybe I'm just jaded too! ;-) But that was the only part of the movie that really didn't sit with me.
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Natalie was the top student in her program, though. At my workplace, we certainly have enthusiastic young people, but they were also excellent students.
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Just watched this movie. Got it from the library on DVD. Blown away by the quality of the dialogue, but underwhelmed by the whole composition. I am not sure what the overall message of this film is. I did appreciate its pieces.

Have you noticed how exquisite the clothes of the three main characters were in this movie? I liked watching George Clooney pack. I used to travel a lot for work and always felt that I was like Natalie when she shows up at the airport for the first time. I never perfected the art of packing.
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Here is an interesting article that mentions Up In the Air:
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