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carriemims9701 Sep 23rd, 2021 05:39 PM

Unknown Trailhead -Bryson City, North Carolina
My brother and his family are camping in Bryson City right now and experienced an unusual site at a trailhead. I was hoping others have been there and may shed some light?

He said they intended to hike Nolandís Creek Trail and made it down what sounds like the ďRoad to Nowhere,Ē but they turned the car around and parked in an empty lot at a trailhead nearby. They were the only car in the lot, and walked about a mile before the trail ended at some type of display with pentagrams and small sculptures. He said they had an eerie feeling since the trail ended and didnít seem to pick up any where around as the brush was thick and didnít seem like anyone had passed through recently.

The even stranger thing was when they returned to the car (45 min later), the parking lot was full (about 20 cars) but not a single person around and they didnít pass anyone on the only trail. Before getting into their car they noticed pentagram drawn on the ground that was not previously there.

Has anyone else been here? We all grew up visiting Bryson City, Fontana Lake and many surrounding trails, but have never seen or heard of this one. He said they did follow signs for Nolands Creek and did believe thatís where they were, but he agrees that doesnít seem likely. I couldnít find anything for him in a search either. I appreciate any insight, thank you!

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