Unemployment in Canada (everywhere??)


Apr 13th, 1997, 04:43 PM
Claire SMith
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Unemployment in Canada (everywhere??)

A friend and I are spending the upcoming year driving across Canada and are hoping to come across waitressing jobs in the odd town. Is this going to be difficult??? I know that unemployment is pretty high in Nova Scotia (my home province) but I also think that a determined applicant could land some sort of menial service job here. Is this true across the country? We are going to need some income and don`t want to have to hang out on street coners!!!
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Apr 19th, 1997, 10:30 AM
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Generally everywhere you go outside of the atlantic provinces should be very promising. Simply drop by the student employment offices in each town and you should find what's you're looking for.
Toronto generally should be no problem but Montreal??? Out West it seems stable as they don't experience the peaks and valeys like here in Toronto.
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