Two Old Ladies In New York City

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Two Old Ladies In New York City

What part of town should we choose to stay in??? I've read all the posts and I'm more confused than ever! I am taking my mom (70 yrs old) in June. We need to be very close to subway because I know the walking will be exhausting! Would like lots of cute places to eat and shop...going to museums and plays! She likes "nice". Thanks so much!
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Unless your Mother is able to climb stairs, I'd forget about the subway and depend upon buses and TAXIS.

"Cute" places are not near the major tourist attractions so decide which is more important. For proximity to plays pick Times Square/midtown west. For "cute" places to eat & shop, a more residential neighborhood like the Upper West side or Greenwich Village. Depending on your budget, to get "nice" pick 4* hotels. It may be too broad a generalization, but you'd be safe doing that.
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The times square area is VERY congested and noisy. If you want to stay somewhere without all the commotion, yet still convenient, I'd recommend the midtown west area, staying within a block or 2 of Lexington Av (where the subway stations are). There is no one location very near everything but most are near subways and busses.
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OOps, my mistake, when I said Midtown West (which is times sq area) I meant Midtown East. Sorry for the confusion.
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Thanks so much! If we don't stay by the theatres will it be difficult to get there for the evening shows? She can do we will be using the subway.
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It's not too difficult to get TO the theater. The bigger challenge is getting "home". All the theaters tend to let out around the same time & cabs become scarce. I really prefer buses or cabs at night.
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Though Times Square itself is surely congested and noisy, there are any number of hotels within an easy walk of the theaters in the area. Some of our favorites are on 44the between 5th & 6th (the Algonquin and Sofitel, for example), that are a block away but seem a world away.

Your best bet is to get your theater tickets first, find the theaters on a map, then select a hotel accordingly.

Note also that the subway fare has gone up to $2. Most taxi rides are $5 or less within Midtown, so it may be more economical to plan on taxis (I wouldn't drag my 70-year old mom through the subway).

For sure, taxis are often difficult to catch (if you're in a hurry for one especially) at dinnertime, showtime, when the shows let out, when it's hot/cold/raining. But, you will find one eventually, or faster if you walk around the corner.

Obviously, you'd want to reserve for dinner before or after the theater within steps of the theater (there are any number of cute places).
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I would suggest staying at the Grand Hyatt, which is on 42nd St and Lex Ave. From there you have the subway and several bus lines going uptown, downtown and cross town.

From there you could walk to the theatre district and back at night and it's a fairly safe area, there are lots of people on the streets in that area all times of day and night.

There are also some good restaurants in the area and Grand Central Station which has some fun places for lunch and dinner.

Another suggestion would be the SoHO Grand, which is in SoHO and close to the village for some cute shops and restaurants and it's a subway ride uptown or the bus to the theatre district.

I would suggest taking the bus as much as possible, since that way you also get a tour of the city as you travel.

Hope this helps and have a great time while you are here.
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Stayed at the Michaelangelo( and was quite pleased with it. We were upgraded to a jr suite upon arrival. Comfortable accomodations, great service, great location (couple blocks above Times Square) - noise wasn't a problem.
Don't know how mobile your mom is, but I do recall walking a lot during our stay. May want to consider cabs for the museum visits/Broadway. Agree with the other poster reubways. There are lots of stairs up & down.
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As a previous poster says, it's a big convenience to be within an easy walk of theaters. Both the Sofitel and Michelangelo are lovely, amazingly quiet hotels in a noisy area. These hotels would also put you within easy walking distance of 5th Ave. shopping; since subway fares are going up, you might as well cab it to museums (cabs are still comparatively cheap); use the subway for longer distances, such as down to Soho.
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When I took my Mom (also 70ish) to NYC we stayed at the Palace - its right behind St. Patricks Cathedral and therefore close to Rockefeller Center and Radio City Music Hall, Saks 5th Ave. She loved it. Proximity to St. Patricks was important to her. Took a very short cab ride to a show at night and walked to a show at Radio City. It is a really nice hotel that I don't see mentioned here very often.
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I love the Mansfield Hotel. It is upscale, smaller witha boutique feel. beds are so comfortable. free continetal breakfast. just a beautiful place.
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Beleieve me, 70 is not old.
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Travel a lot to NYCand really like the Palace also--great location.
and I agree 60 IS NOT OLD !!!!
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HA! I know 70 is not old! She still works a couple of days per week! However, I also know that in the evening we WILL spend more time in our room than someone in their 20's. I did London last summer and was worn out after a day at the museums, sightseeing, etc.... So I know even though she is pretty "in shape", after all day touring...where we stay might be important! Thanks for all the replies! It's very helpful! I will start checking on the prices of these hotels. Thanks!
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