Tucson restaurant questions


Oct 23rd, 1998, 06:32 PM
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Tucson restaurant questions

we would like restaurant recommendations in Tucson. We saw "Boccata" Italian restaurant; has anyone heard of this place? Also " Saguara Corners". Anyone know of this?
Also we will be staying at The Boulders; is the restaurant good there?
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Oct 24th, 1998, 07:16 AM
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Actually, there are several restaurants in the entire complex. La Latilla, in the main building near the pool, is incredible--or at least it was when we were there. Has a great view of water cascading down some large, yes, Boulders! Also in that same building is another restaurant, not quite as formal (though the Latilla is not "formal" in the sense of stuffy) which specializes in southwestern cuisine. A nice walk (or drive, if you must) away is yet another restaurant in the same complex that houses the fitness rooms. It was great for dinner as well! Lots of great choices without even leaving the property--which is all spectacular! We loved it so much we didn't venture out, especially not as far as Tucson, so don't have any recommendations for you there.
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