Trip report The Vineyard & Newport


Jul 19th, 2003, 01:16 PM
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Trip report The Vineyard & Newport

Hi, this years escape from heat and humidity trip was Martha's Vineyard and Newport, RI.
I thoroughly enjoyed the Vineyard! Edgartown is beautiful and now holds a place in my heart very close to the spot occupied by Nantucket. I stayed at The Victorian Inn which I highly recommend. Great breakfasts, lovely rooms many with balconies and many more with views. Nice, friendly staff too.
I only had one bad meal on the Vineyard and it was The Navigator. Atria, Alchemy, Homeport in Menemsha, Chesca's all were wonderful. Homeport was more about the sunset than the cuisine, but it was still fine. Vineyardhaven was nice but I didn't spend much time there. I did enjoy going to the beach in Menemsha and then returning for the sunset.

Newport. First of all I stayed at a place on Spring st called Artful Lodger. Cute name, bad decision. It wasn't dirty and the breakfasts were actually good, but to sum it up overall I'd say imagine having a basement rec room that you decide to put a king size bed in and you've pretty much got the "victorian" ambiance of the place. Honestly a motel in Middletown would've not only been nicer, but a lot cheaper too. There are so many nicer places in Newport I kept kicking myself, but oh well... live and learn. I also had a knack of finding the worst places to eat in Newport too I'm sorry for all those Scales and Shells supporters, but I thought it was horrible! I am not a "foodie" and I am not hard to impress in the food dept either, but Red Lobster is probably a step up from this place. The service was friendly, but thats about it. I finally did happen upon a wonderful Newport restaurant called Castle Hill. It was superb, it really was a wonderful dining experience espescially after a string of disappointments. The drive up there was nice too. I'm also happy to report Le Bistro, and Cooke House were positive experiences. Black Pearl was pretty good, but I didn't have the chowder which they're famous for. The mansions were nice naturally. I highly recommend Astors Beechwood and the Murder Mystery "Bal Masque" which was really a lot of fun. Belcourt Castles Ghost tour was also a lot of fun as it includes a tour through the castle. Walking down Thames street late one night gave me kind of a... less than favorable impression of Newport. Its hard to describe, but I guess it was more... rowdy than I would've hoped or expected. God knows New Orleans put the R in rowdy and raucous but New Orleans can handle it. Its hard to describe but I didn't have a special connection to Newport like I often do with so many other places, but thats purely personal and no reflection on Newport. I will say that I didn't find Newport to be overly crowded and I did not regret having a rental car at all. There were a few tight moments on Thames coming in and one afternoon going down Americas Cup avenue, but overall it wasn't bad and I'm glad of it.
I'm sure I'll go back to Newport because I did miss a lot I wanted to see apart from The Mansions.
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Jul 19th, 2003, 03:26 PM
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Hi, We also recently from a trip to Newport and the Cape. I am responding just to mirror your comments about Newport, in that I think I expected a little more "upscale" in the town as a whole, and while the mansions are quaint and there are definitely beautiful areas to the town, such as the Cliff Walk, I left feeling something was missing. Like you, Thames St. gave us the same impression, a comment I made to my husband one evening while we were driving through. The Castle Hill Inn was fabulous, with fabulous views. We didn't eat there, but almost stayed there and the reason we didn't was proximity to town. We stayed at the Hyatt on Goat Island which was the perfect location for us. Happy traveling!
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