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Trip Report Trip Report-The Great Smoky Mountains in TN

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My trip report for Gatlinburg and The Great Smoky Mountains..Plus pictures and videos.

Day 1 Wed. Dec.22nd

We arrived in Gatlinburg around 4:00pm on Wed.Dec.22nd and my mother and father in law left earlier that morning with our kids so they got checked in
at Auntie Belhams Cabin Rentals we rented Grandview which was up off Ski Mountain Rd.They got to the chalet and unpacked there things and put Christmas
lights up going around the top and botttom decks of the balconies.I wanted to pick up some coffee that I had called in at Coffee and Company at The Cottage
but they were closed so my husband dropped me off at The Village and I ran in and picked up a couple of pounds and saw one of the owners and talked to him for
a while(really nice man)then hubby picked me back up.Then his parents called us and asked where we wanted to go for dinner and we decided to go to Bear Creek Grill.We ordered
"The Best" Signature Garlic Rolls for a Appetizer. I had the Skillet fried trout and hubby had a steak and the others had steak,spagetti and meatballs and
Teriyaki Chicken Salad and Chicken Parmigiana.The food and the service were very good and we will eat here again in the future so its on our to do list for now on.
After dinner we stopped by Food Lion/Food City to buy some groceries and then went to Gatlinburg Package store to pick up some wine and other items.We drove around the city and looked
at all the beautiful Christmas lights and then headed to the cabin so we could unpack.The cabin was great and it looked alot better in person then what it did on there website.
It was a 3 bdrm and had everything we needed,lots of kitchen ware and extra pillows and blankets,wi-fi and was decorated for Christmas.The cabin had a beautiful mountain and city view
and the Ober Tram went right over us.We sat around and talked and played some games and then headed to bed.

Day 2 Thurs. Dec.23
We got up early and got ready and headed back to Coffee and Company at the Cottage in Gatlinburg so I could pick up another 6lbs of coffee and to buy a gift for a friend(dupty836)
that was coming up in a few days and I hope she likes it.After that we headed to Pigeon Forge and had lunch at The Old Mill Restaurant and it was very good and very busy
but still had great service and everyone enjoyed there food.After lunch we all went to The Bass Pro Shop and shopped for a while and bought alot of Christmas gifts for each
other.They will let you bring your dog in and have special baskets for them and my dog loved it.The store was packed and everyone that passed us had to pet my dog and
it seems like we were there a long time.We then went to The Jerky store and the Chocolate Monkey that was in a shopping center next to Bass Pro shop.We then headed to
Waldens Landing and did some more shopping.I had to buy some more Bacon & Cheddar Popcorn,It is really good.My father in law loves John Wayne so we found alot of cool
things for him in some of the shops and my mother in law collects glass and all kinds of Giraffes so we bought her a few things and the kids got some stuff too.It was starting
to get dark so we headed to Gatlinburg and walked up and down the strip and did more shopping and took alot of pictures of all the Christmas lights and decorations on the strip.It was
very cold but we had a good time shopping and walking around.On the way back up to our cabin I stopped by Las Ositas Cantina & Grill on Ski Mountain Rd and I met Jessica(JessicaC4)
She was very nice and I really enjoyed talking to her.We were planning on eating there but they were closing for the next few days so we will eat there on our next trip.
We headed back to the cabin and had left overs from Old Mill for dinner.I was on the bottom balcony swinging and my husband was on the top balcony and he said Cindy do you
hear that and I said WHAT he said I think it is a Bear,he could hear the Bear coming up and braking branches on the ground.So I ran inside and on the top balcony and
so did everyone else and there was a Black Bear on the ground beside the lower balcony.We started taking some pictures then the Bear went around the cabin and was between
our cars so we went out front and the Bear climbed up a tree.We took a few more pictures but it was dark and on a couple of them you can see him/her and its eyes.We then
went back in and played some games and drank some wine.That was so exciting to see the Bear at the cabin and this was the second time a Bear had been at a cabin we rented.
In April this year we had a huge Bear come up to the cabin and go thru the trash.After we played some cards we all headed off to bed.

Day 3 Fri. Dec.24th Christmas Eve
We woke up earler and the grandparents took the kids shopping in Pigeon Forge.My daughter was having a fit to go to The Ralph Lauren,Juicy Couture,and the Coach shops to buy some
clothes and purses.Me and my hubby went up to Cades Cove and on the way up we saw a few Wild Turkeys and got some good pictures of them.Once we got in to Cades Cove there
wasnt hardly noone there.We must have seen close to 50-75 Deer but no Bears.We drove all thru the loop and thru Parson Branch but it was closed so we went all the way down and
it made a loop and drove back to Cades Cove.We stopped at the Grist Mill so I couple purchase some more Corn Meal and some Dillsboro Chocolate Bars and some Chow Chow for hubby.
After Cades Cove we drove up to New Found Gap and the drive was beautiful with all the snow covered trees.There were alot of people up there taking videos and pictures as the Sun
was starting to go down.We then wanted to drive to Cherokee Orchard road and we made to loop and I looked off to the right side and saw a Huge Black Bear.I took some
pictures and videos and there was another couple driving by and I stopped them and told them there was a Bear so they pulled off and took some pictures too.After that we drove
around Gatlinburg looking at all the Christmas lights again.Bennetts BBQ was decked out big time and it was beautiful.River Road was beautiful and had lights everywhere.
It was late so we headed back to the cabin because it was starting to snow.Once we got to the cabin it started snowing pretty hard and it was so exciting to see snow on
Christmas Eve.We played some more games ate alot of junk food and watched some Christmas movies and then we got in the hot tub watching it snow.We then went to bed.

Day 4 Sat. Dec. 25th
Wow we woke up and looked outside to a "White Winter Wonderland" there was at least 5 inches of snow.And it was snowing pretty hard.I wanted to get out to go to the store to
but some more milk and batteries and a couple of things so we creeped down the mountain very slow and drove into Pigeon Forge to Walgreens since that was the only place that
was really open.Gatlinburg and Pigeon Foege were beautiful covered in snow As we were coming back up to the cabin the car was sideways and we tryed to make it up the mountain
but kept sliding so we put some sticks on the road and made it to the cabin.We then cooked a huge Christmas morning breakfast.We all dressed up in a ton of clothes and went
out and played in the snow and had a couple of snow ball fights.We had some much fun Christmas day and I was wanting it to SNOW on Christmas Day and I got my wish.It snowed
and snowed and snowed all day long and we got another 5-6 inches Christmas Day.We made some homemade Snow ice cream and it was goooood.We played some more games and sat out
on the balcony and watched it snow all day long.Later that evening we cooked our Christmas dinner and it was awesome.It snowed all night.We watched more Christmas movies and
then went to bed.

Day 5 Sun. Dec.26th

We woke up early and it had snowed another 6 inches durning the night and the road was covered so we cooked some pancakes,eggs,bacon and stayed at the cabin all day
long and watched tv(must have watched The Vistors channel for 3-4 hours) and played some games and played in the snow for hours and it snowed all day on Sunday too.We must
have gotten at least a foot and a half of snow from Friday night to Sunday night.We snacked all day and that night we grilled a Boston Butt and had BBQ for dinner.We
knew we wasnt going to be able to leave in the morning so we called the cabin company to let them know we would be staying another night and it wasnt rented out so we could.
We were all tired so we headed to bed around 11:00 pm.

Day 5 Mon.Dec.27th
We woke up and "Snow Plow Man " had plowed the street and put down some salt so we ate breakfast and we wanted to take the kids to Ober Gatlinburg to go Snow Tubing.We drove
up to Ober and Thank God they only had 6 parking places left.When we got there around 12:00pm they were sold out of the 1:00 and 3:00 snow tube sessions so we had to buy the
5:00 session.The kids went ice skating and we sat around and watched people snow tube,snow board and ski.It was alot of fun and it seemed like the time went by quickly.
It was around 4:45 so we headed to Snow Tube.My husband didnt do it but me and our 2 teenagers did and we had a great time.The man working at the top pushed me down
and I went into a spin and went down backwards with my feet up in the air it was scary but fun and I took a video while I was riding down,It seemed like that hour and a half went by quick.
After snow tubing my husband and step son wanted us to drop them off on the Gatlinburg Strip so they could shop and me and my daughter went into Pigeon Forge to exchange
a couple of here Polo shirts for a bigger size and on the way back I had to stop and pick up more popcorn and we stopped at Krispy Kreme Donuts because the Hot light
was on and they wwere so darn good and hot.We headed back to Gatlinburg and my step son called and said my husband had slipped down on the icey sidewalk in Gatlinburg and hit
his head.He had a huge bump but wouldnt let me take him to the hospital so I gave him a couple of tylenols for his headache but he got better.They said the sidewalk
that was right in front of Riverside otor Lodge was very icey and saw alot of people fall down and one lady got hurt pretty bad.You would think the City Of Gatlinburg would
salt the sidewalks off.We headed back to the cabin to start packing so we could check out on Tuesday morning.

Day 6 Tues. Dec 28th
Time to go home.We got the car all packed up and it was filled up with all kinds of gifts,luggage,food etc. We headed to Auntie Belhams in Pigeon Forge to check out and then went
to Cracker Barrell.We had a wonderful Christmas in The Smokies and Gatlinburg and I cant wait to go back again.This was my 4th trip in 2010 and I hope I am able to go back
every 2 months next year.I have 2 girls trips planned and then me and hubby we go at least another 3 times or more.He has alot of vacation days saved up so we should be
able to.Coming to Gatlinburg in the Winter is nice but I think I like the Spring and Fall better and the weather is nicer.Thank you God for giving me the White Christmas
that I asked for and spending alot of time with my family and getting home safe.
I hope you enjoyed my trip report and sorry if it was long.Heres the link to all the pictures and videos I took.I hope you enjoy looking at them.