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tchoiniere Jan 2nd, 2017 08:35 AM

Trip Report Boston 12/26-12/28
I booked a quick trip to meet up with 2 friends for early last week. In the end, only 1 could make it. I booked Amtrak from New London into Boston, getting in at 8am. However, the train got in much earlier than that. Off to a good start! I took Uber to my hotel not wanting to deal with luggage on the T. Got to the hotel and got into my room right away.

We had gotten the Midtown Hotel for a great rate on Last Minute Travel. Nice hotel but basic and small. All we needed. My only complaints about it are that the hallways are a maze and wind around so it took a while to find our room and you have to go up / down some stairs to get to the lobby from the hallways. Not really big issues but something to be aware of. And due to the small rooms, the toilet was almost against the wall which made it fun to use.

Friend of mine got there around 8:30 and got his room too. We then went to the JFK Library and spent a couple of hours here. I really enjoyed this and could have spent more time there. Off to Fanueil Hall for lunch, where we just walked around and ate something quick. We then did some of the Freedom Trail sites near there and then walked to the TeaParty Ship and opted to just take pics from the bridge with the line to get into the museum being long. We then walked to Trillium Brewery and bought a few 4 packs of beer each and then to the Ft Point Market where they have a very nice bottle selection as well.

We then Uber'ed it to Harpoon Brewery. My first time there. They have a very nice setup and can handle large crowds very well. We each did a couple of flights and split a pretzel. Great stop. Harpoon beer is solid but nothing spectacular. My only complaint is with the flights - they predetermine the flights so you cannot substitute in them. I should be able to choose the beer in my flight!

Off to the Five Horses Tavern we went. Awesome beer selection. We really enjoyed this stop and each had a few. If I lived near there, I think I know where I would be quite a bit...The bartender let us each sample a few on top of the ones we had ordered. Food looked good coming out of the kitchen but we were not that hungry yet. We then took Uber to the GingerMan and had a few more while then ordering dinner. Food was good and yet another great beer selection. I enjoyed the burger I got. By now, we were ready to crash so back to the hotel and promptly to bed.

tchoiniere Jan 2nd, 2017 08:38 AM

We were both up early Tuesday morning and went to Thornton's café next to the hotel for breakfast. Good food and service at decent prices. Place got slammed just after we sat down. We then walked down past the Prudential Building and to Copley Square where we went past the Marathon Finish Line. This was a hard stop for us as we were in Boston that day and were planning on going there after the Sox game. Opted for Boston Beer Works instead. Spent a few minutes talking here and then walked more of the Freedom Trail and then went to the Boston Aquarium. Spent a couple of hours walking around it but it got much too crowded and my claustrophobia did me in. Saw the Galapagos 3D IMax movie which was very good. Knowing how my nerves were fried after that, we Uber'd it out to Night Shift Brewery.

Though we were just there in November, they had a lot of different beers on draft and really enjoyed it yet again. Bought some more 4packs and off to the next stop - Somerville Brewery. Only to find them closed as we were there too early so we had our Uber driver drop us off at Lamplighters Brewery in Cambridge. Tiny taproom for a new brewery (only open 6 weeks so far) but their beer was really good. But again, they had preset flights and had repeats across the 2...Cannot understand the reasoning behind preset flights.

We then took Uber back to Somerville for dinner and a few flights. Enjoyed it but wouldn't hurry back for the beer. Good but nothing great.

Off to the movies we went. We saw Patriots Day. I think they did a great job with the movie and really enjoyed it but just felt eerie watching it having been at the finish line that day. Movie was packed. Biggest Cinema I have ever been to - Loew's 19 so 19 screens.

Back to the hotel and again crashed quick.

We got up Wednesday morning and walked to Fenway Park where we did the tour. We mainly wanted to see the Hockey Rink being built but ended up enjoying the tour too as we saw more on the tour than the first time we did it. Visitor's clubhouse, press box and it didn't feel like we were rushed too much through the park.

Over to Boston Beer Works for lunch and a few beers as always. Great service and good food / drink.

We were then planning to go to Sam Adams but we wouldn't have made it in time so we went to Aeronaut brewery and enjoyed the beer again.

After this, it was back to our hotel to get our bags. I then got on my 9:00 train back to New London.

A fun but quick trip. Weather was great and the 2 of us really enjoyed it as well as just hanging out together.

Inakauaidavidababy Jan 2nd, 2017 09:29 AM

Wow you certainly got around like you were in a Boston pinball machine!!!

I'm not much of a beer aficionado but was very impressed with my can of Heady Topper that was smuggled across the border. We may do a road trip this year. It had wow factor to me. Likely not up to your standards is my fun beer at Boston Beerworks - the Blueberry Ale with a scoop or two of tiny maine blueberries.

How would you rate Thorntons for breakfast?

Thank you for sharing your story of Marathon Day. It was a very difficult time knowing loved ones were within shrapnel reach in Copley. I'm glad you enjoyed the movie. I have trouble with Marky Mark speaking for our city after his past beating an asian man blind in those heady days of his youth. Although he has atoned for his sins of youth, sometimes it's not easy to forget.

tchoiniere Jan 2nd, 2017 09:35 AM

I had the blueberry ale at Beer Works!

If you go to Alchemist for HeadyTopper in VT, do your homework on when to show up as they line up hours in advance for it! Look at Fiddleheads Brewery in that area too.

I really enjoyed Thornton's. Had the Western Omelet Sandwich and it was great. Friend of mine had an breakfast burrito that was huge. Good prices too. You line up outside waiting for a table.

I think Wahlberg did a good job with the movie. But as someone put it leaving the movie, did we really need his character made up for the movie?

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