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Ben Oct 18th, 2002 10:12 AM

Travelocity Membership???
Since when did Travelocity make you join or sign up before you could look at prices? Just went on the site to look at hotel prices and you either have to sign in or up join to view the prices. Does this piss anyone else off?

Faina Oct 18th, 2002 10:24 AM

Yes, Travelocity makes you sign up. So don't blame spam on Fodor's only :) I'm not doing that - there are so many other websites!

x Oct 18th, 2002 12:14 PM

I signed up with TV a long time ago and have NEVER received any spam ... just check the box that you do not want any special offer messages, etc...

Cindy Oct 18th, 2002 05:17 PM

If you clear your cookies it doesn't know that you were there once before as a guest, so you can continue to be a guest and not sign up. I hate signing up for stuff on the internett and refuse to use any site that requires it.

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