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sweetblues Apr 16th, 2009 01:06 PM

You have tix for the Nationals/Red Sox game!!! OMG! The Nationals have put their 'not season ticket holders' portion of the tix up for a lottery! How did you get them? I think you will really enjoy our new ballpark.. Wonderful views of quintessential Washington and pretty fine breezes off the river in the evening. It's starting to feel like home. (where are your seats?) Maybe... just maybe, by then, we'll be fielding a fully functioning team.

One of my great ballpark highlights (& i try to get to a game if there's a team wherever i might be) was seeing Ken Griffey Sr. and Jr. play together in Seattle.. Jr. is the most beautifully gifted ballplayer i have ever seen. I was saddened when the injuries started piling up and I am glad he made it back 'home' for the remainder of his career. The stadium.. better less said.

SCFoodie Apr 17th, 2009 12:04 PM

sweetblues - I am also a wine and baseball fan (click on my screen name to read my profile.) Petco is a fun ballpark and the Gaslamp District is a great area. However, from my experience, you won't get much of a taste of the local wine at the wine bars / restaurants there. They carry plenty of California wines, but not much from Temecula.

I go out to Temecula several times a year (it's only an hour away from home) and love it. Don't even worry about going alone - you'll meet plenty of people there.

The area has 20+ wineries, all within a very small area. A suggestion would be to rent a car and drive out there one morning, enjoy the wine, some food (a few of the wineries have wonderful restaurants), and spend the night. If you go to and you will find a ton of info on the wineries, restaurants, events and tours.

South Coast Winery also has villas and a spa so you can enjoy the tastings and then relax without having to drive back to SD the same day. It would be a great place to get that massage!

As one poster already noted, it will be hot out there in August, but it's always nice and cool in the tasting rooms! I've been to most of the wineries in Temecula, so please don't hesitate to ask me questions about them or the wine country.

tennislvr1 Apr 22nd, 2009 08:34 AM

tchoiniere - thanks for your ticket info at Petco...I'm going to look now!

tchoiniere Apr 22nd, 2009 09:02 AM

Sweetblues, had missed your last post. My seats at Nationals Park are in 107 (row CC). We went cheaper than we normally would but are towards the Sox bullpen. I won the right to buy the tickets in the raffle.

I feel bad for the Nationals with the mess that they have become, including Nationals being spelled wrong on their uniform. I can't wait for the trip.

My best highlight has to be Manny's 500th homer last year or the Sox opener in 2005 handing out the rings.

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