Tipping maids in any Hotel...

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A short note on 'tipping' the teacher, i.e. giving the teacher a Christmas present or end of year present. My SO is a teacher in the UK. At Christmas, Easter and the end of term she buys each of her class sweets -- this Christmas in a little bag. By sweets I mean a couple of small candy bars, a cream egg plus something else, an ice cream bar perhaps in the summer. She pays for this herself of course.

Is this tipping the children?
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I tip maids always. I have learned though has people have mentioned here that there may be different maids for your room. I always check at front desk or with head of housekeeping to ascertain how many cleaned my room. I divide tips in an envelope and write a little thank you. Just a little sidenote. When I was in Rio de Janeiro last year I left quite a generous tip because the maid really did a nice job and was very accomodating. I decided to leave a larger tip than normal. For the week I was there I left her $50.00. I left it for her at the front desk in an envelope as I usually do. The manager's eyes got wide when I was putting money in the envelope. He then said "Hold on a minute" He called the maid downstairs and then told me to give it to her in person. I thought this was strange and I did not want to insult the lady. But I thought since I was in a different country I should just trust him. Well I thanked the lady and her eyes got very wide. Later I found out that I had given her an equivalent to maybe a weeks wage. It felt good to know that I was rewarding her, but I felt terrible as this put her in an awkward position. I now just leave the money in an envelope with the maid's name on it.
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After having read all the pros & cons to tipping maids in hotels, I have a question that I don't believe has been covered here.

Among the group that advocates tipping, there still seems to be a split as to whether to tip more per day if you are staying for several days as opposed to one night. I'm curious as to the rationale for this. Hypothetically speaking, if all the guests at a particular hotel were only one-nighters, wouldn't that mean that the maids would never get tipped? Also, I would tend to think there is less work involved when a room is occupied for several days, since the linens don't need to be completely stripped each day and the cleaning is not so indepth.

I believe the tip should be the same per day regardless of how long the stay is (unless, of course, there are special needs being attended to). Can someone please tell me the logic behind tipping more per day for a longer stay?
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Wow, just caught this thread now...Kathy, bet you didn't expect this to be such a can of worms!! We always tip. I know the maids aren't supposed to touch your money in your room, but every morning (regardless of how long we are staying, or where we are staying) we just leave $2 on the bed by the pillows and have never returned to a room and found it still there. Interestingly I adopted this while travelling with my in-laws, who usually are pretty cheap. My husband put it in perspective when he said, "We spend a lot more for a lot less when travelling." (referring to fancy meals, large tips at restaurants, tipping the porter who moves your bag 20 feet when he retrieves your bags from the storage room, etc.)

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