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Heather Jan 28th, 2002 07:59 AM

Tip re: Producers Tickets
Hi All:<BR><BR>My husband and I were in NYC last Wed. and had NO PROBLEM getting last minute Producers tickets...<BR><BR>FYI, we arrived at the theatre at 4:40 p.m. and we joined a line up for cancellations/standing room. We were number 26 in line. We were told that the standing room tickets were great (at the back of the orchestra) -- not sure of price -- I think between $20 and $30. The standing room tickets all go on sale at 6 p.m.<BR><BR>At 5:20 we were next in line for cancellations (there were people waiting specifically for standing room) and we got two tickets, row 2 of the mezzanine for $99 per ticket (face value). There was a scalper attempting to sell balcony seats for $150 each (face value $45). <BR><BR>Matthew Broderick was not in the show, but it was amazing with Nathan Lane.<BR><BR>I think that we lucked out because it was a matinee day and also, they weren't sure who would be performing that evening.<BR><BR>I didn't expect we'd possibly get tickets so it was a great surprise and I'd recommend checking out the line if you're there on a Tuesday, Wed. or Thursday.

Just Curious Jan 28th, 2002 08:14 AM

How was Matthew Broderick's sub? I've heard Nathan Lane's is very good.

kate Jan 28th, 2002 08:42 AM

So,Heather,did you have to stand in line from 4:40 until opening at 8:00?<BR>Who was the sub for MBroderick? Glad you got the tickets and enjoyed it~

Patrick Jan 28th, 2002 09:34 AM

A friend of mine (who played Eliza Doolittle in our community theatre production of My Fair Lady last year) went to New York a couple of weeks ago to see her college friend who is in The Producers. At the beginning of the show, they announced that Matthew Broderick would not be in the show but her friend was playing the role. As the rest of the audience let out a collective sigh, Dede let out a small scream. She didn't even know her friend was the understudy, just thought he was in the chorus. Needless to say, she was the one person in the audience thrilled to see Matthew Broderick cancel!

iwannabe Jan 28th, 2002 09:44 AM

Patrick,<BR><BR>What a wonderful story you share re: Broderick's understudy! Think Mel Brooks and the producers of The Producers would find this 'poetic'!

NeedTixs Jan 28th, 2002 10:22 AM

I am scheduled to fly into NYC in about a week and was planning to purchase some broadway show tickets. It'll be my first time in NYC. I read about all of those broadway show consolidators where if you go in the morning of the show, you can pick up tickets for a discount. Does anyone know about these consolidators? Do they carry good shows? What shows do they typically have tickets to? I'm wondering why Heather didn't utilize this service? I look foward to hearing from the people in the know.

xxx Jan 28th, 2002 10:34 AM

to Need Tix:<BR>anything called a "consolidator" is likely to be a ticket scalper offering tickets at much higher than list price. The possibilities for discounted tickets (which does NOT include sold out shows like the Producers or Mamma Mia) include the 2 TKTS booths (one near Times Suqare , one downtown) which offer many other shows at about half price (plus a $3/ticket surcharge) after waiting in line anywhere from half an hour to an hour or more. You can also sign up (for free) at which has been sending me almost daily e-mails offering me virtually the same (half) price on many shows. Also Try, which also has little vouchers available all over NYC offering you similar discounts--you take the voucher to the theater (same day or earlier) or call in and get the discounts.<BR>Folks, with the exception of Producers and Mamma Mia, virtually every show on Broadway is half empty, at least on weekday evenings. Make sure you also check with the NYC tourist office ( or in person at 7th avenue near 53rd street) for info on all the latest promotions for shows. There are many choices

JustPat Jan 28th, 2002 11:10 AM

I had a friend, who had a friend, who went to a play at her daughters school and they had friends who had been to NY and saw Matthew Broderick in The Producers.It was thrilling.

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