The Truth about New York City

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Cheryl Z.
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Me again - now that I know your husband's desires: My husband has a '76 t-top Corvette that is his baby. He too would love to drive it all over. (here in Seattle, it mainly gets used in the summer.) But he was born and raised in the Bronx, and while we love to go back to visit, would never drive the Corvette or any other car in the city. As you mentioned, save NY for a special long weekend - it's worth a trip by itself. and I agree with the other posters that the West would be ideal for you, especially driving up the Calif., also the Ore. and Wa. coasts. (BTW - the ONLY speeding or warning tickets I've EVER gotten was back in the late '70's driving my husband's Corvette! I haven't driven it in years now.) Have a safe and memorable trip.
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I think you are right not to take the Corvette into NYC and save that for another trip. I will say though that I have never had a problem in NYC (even though I went with only 2 other college girls at the time). I personally find New Orleans to be a bigger threat on my safety.

As for a driving trip. One idea for you, I do not know if you have explored this yet or not, but may I suggest a trip down the Pacific coast. The scenery is beautiful and would be perfect in your corvette. If you need more suggestions about that please email me. Have fun!
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Kimberly: I can't add much more than anyone else has, except I've never been to NYC, have been to SF a number of times, and loved it! My husband and I just bought a '90 Corvette convertible and would love to take the kind of trip you're planning. However, since we live on the west coast and don't drive it in the rain, this is next to impossible. SF is a great town, lots to do and see (may I suggest staying at Fisherman's Wharf rather than downtown?) and really not that hard to drive in (although there may be some streets where you will have the potential of scraping the bottom of your car). Enjoy, and don't take all the above criticism too hard!
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Kimberley,Pardon our manners, but to quote your original question you said"I PREFER CITIES TO VEGGING ON THE BEACH" and "WE DO NOT HAVE ENOUGH TIME TO GO OUT WEST" The replies you belittled so rudely were responding to that question. Take Route 66, but please don't visit NYC....You wouldn't appreciate.
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Having lived in NY, LA and Chicago (currently Washington, DC) I know I could spend 2 weeks happily driving the West Coast especially in a convertible, from San Diego to, oh maybe Seattle (but I might not make it that far). I could also spend a fascinating 10 days driving say, from Washington,DC area via skyline drive to North Carolina, through the Smokie Mountains, working back to the Atlantic Coast, visiting Savannah and the Sea Islands in Georgia or Charleston, SC, and maybe slipping on down Rt 95 the rest of the way through St. Augustine to Miami and ending the trip in South Beach. You'd get both cities and gorgeous scenery either way.

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Also, just to let you know, Kimberley, you can take the your car on the Bremerton - Seattle ferry and the Tsawwassen - Sidney ferry. Cars are allowed on both routes, because they are passenger AND auto ferries.
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OOPS! Kimberley, before that last message I posted, I posted suggestions for a route that included ferry service. It didn't appear though. Let me try to post it again.

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