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Trip Report The Sunflower guide to: A weekend getaway in Dallas

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On our honeymoon trip Dallas was the last leg of the trip. By the time we got there we were tired and ready to go home so we spent the night and than headed home, never seeing much in the way of Dallas. So for a little anniversary weekend retreat we went back to Dallas to see the sights.

Mrs. Sun hates to fly and I enjoy driving and we love not missing out on all the little surprises along the way. One such surprise we found just outside of Oklahoma City on I-35 to Dallas it is a homemade fried pies store. If you have never had a fried pie, I would recommend them. We had originally found this little place on our honeymoon trip and we stopped there on the way home and brought some back for family. If you are interested in them I believe they ship…


Oh and they are cheaper by the dozen.

We arrived in Dallas about 1pm and went and had lunch at the ‘Twisted Root’ a local burger joint that we found out upon arrival had been on the show “Drive-ins, diners and dives” after parking we started to head down the block towards the restaurant when we were stopped by a man that from all appearances seemed to have a substance abuse issue. He complemented me on my look and style (I am now thinking that if a crack head thinks I look sharp it may be time for a change) and than asked if he could clean the car, not seeing any visible supplies with which to perform the task we declined and went in for lunch.

The ‘Twisted Root’ is quiet the place, full of atmosphere and fun and after ordering they give you a name that goes with you order and that is how you are called. Mrs. Sun and I were a local foot ball star, but we were in quite the crowd judging from the names called. I would recommend this restaurant for its good food and fun atmosphere, be prepared though it tends to be a full house.


From there we went and checked into the hotel, we stayed at the Hilton Anatole. We were on the 24th floor and had a wonderful view of the city. While the Anatole has a number of wow factors, from their collection of outdoor sculpture to their Asian art and artifacts, once you get over the surroundings it is the details that really sell the hotel in my book. Little things like loose handles, a missing button on the couch and other little things were easy to spot in our hotel room.

Another way in which I judge a hotel is the little extras that they offer; I had left my computer at the house, as I have done hundreds of times before I went to use the Business Center. I have grown accustomed to that being a convince that they afford you for staying in the hotel; this was not the case here I was charged $7.50 for 15 minutes of computer time. This in my book is outrageous as I think if you are staying in the hotel these types of convinces should be a perk.

The last time we were in Dallas we stayed at the Westin and if we had to do it over again I would have stayed there or another downtown property. My suggestion is this if you wanted to see their pieces that are on exhibit I would just park and have a look around as nothing that is on exhibit requires staying in the hotel in order to see it.


After we had taken a tour of the hotel we went back to the room and got ready to go to a Rangers game.

We have a relative in town and he picked us up at the hotel and took us out to the ball park. After getting to the park we found our seats ten rows up and to the right of home plate, so they were perfect seats. No sooner had we sat down than it began to rain. We were to spend the next four hours waiting for the rain to stop and the game to start in the Cuevro club. Alas the rain never did let up so we went back to the hotel and called it a night.

The rain continued but we forged ahead.

Going to the Dallas Farmers market…


This was a lot of fun and since we were heading home the next day I could not help but buy produce. Prices are good and selection is wonderful. However it was here that our day was to start what was something of a slump. While waiting to cross to a pottery store I saw a car coming down the street, they were driving in between lanes (nothing special about that in Dallas) so seeing he was missing the puddles I turned and began to talk to Mrs. Sun I reached up and rubbed my neck for a moment and in that second when I turned my head a little I caught the wicked grin on the drivers face as they swerved into the puddle in front of Mrs. Sun and I and drenched us.

Mrs. Sun while a wonderful and loving woman has a temper that starts easier than my own, so as I stood there dripping wet Mrs. Sun shot the universal sign of disapproval and upon seeing they were having to stop for a red light took off after them. I thank God the light turned green as my trip report may have included an adventure to jail.

Needless to say the rudeness of one is often out weighed by the kindness of another as was the case with the pottery store owner who did his very best to try and get us dry.

Still looking like wharf rats we went to lunch at ‘Hook line and sinker” a wonderful little seafood place. This place feels much like a little hole in the wall type of place and had wonderful food. I would highly recommend it.


From there we went to the Dallas World Aquarium.


Warning what follows is extremely biased: I don’t have children, I like them but I don’t have them as such I am sure my tolerance for things is a little lower than what it may be if we had children.

The DWA was full of families that day, seems the rain made everyone in town think that it was a good idea to visit it. I enjoy it when there are children at these places as their excitement over the animals is enjoyable. What I don’t care for is being run over by children whose parents have decided that it is easier to let Timmy and Sally run people over than it is to make them mind. I also dislike having my shins, feet, knees etc run into or over by strollers. Why one child needs to be moved around in something the size of a luxury yacht is beyond me, I have seen cars smaller than some of those suckers. While I am on this rant I would also like to say the following: I understand you want your child to see the monkey but your attempt to move my wife who is trying to take a picture of said monkey is not going to work; also I am not going to move so they can see Nemo, we waited to see this exhibit I suggest you do the same.

So in review of the DWA, I will say the following I think it was a solid B when it comes to aquariums/indoor habitats. Their displays are interesting, you get very close to some of the animals and the plant life is interesting as well. However for the price we paid to get in I felt like we were cheated because the place was so crowded and full that it took away from the experience. My suggestion and recommendation is to call ahead and see how full the facility is before coming going to see it.

As we went back to the car we had both had enough of people and were starting to think that Dallas was not the right choice to make.

Then we went to the Sixth Floor museum…


This was a wonderful experience and made the bad parts of the day fall away. While there were plenty of people there it was quiet and above all else dry. While we were not alive during the Kennedy years it was a very moving experience and I don’t see how a person could not come away with an interest in the subject. Like I told Mrs. Sun part of what was so wonderful about it was that we are now a part of that history, and while it is just a little part it is very cool to me. I would recommend this to anyone and be prepared to be moved, I just about cried when they were talking about Jackie’s reaction to him being shot.

From here we went and did a little shopping at Sam Moon, ladies if you like jewelry, purses etc this is the place to get them. Guys don’t worry if you are dragged there like I was there is plenty of room outside and the conversations with the husbands, boyfriends etc. is very pleasant. I still don’t know how much Mrs. Sun spent she said I would be happier that way and I am willing to agree with her…


From here we went back to the hotel where we changed and I had to use a hair dryer to get the water out of my shoes.

Then we were off to dinner at the 560…

Wonderful food and great views while this is a more expensive place to dine it is well worth it. We were with family again and we started the night here with Sushi and appetizers. We sat and talked for a little over an hour and during that time we were able to see the entire city skyline as the restaurant rotates.

From here we went and parked than hopped on the street car and headed into uptown. Once again my attempts to sing were thwarted…


This is a great way to see the city as the guides stop and share a little history as you go along and the price is right, free. From here we went and ate at a little Mexican place whose name escapes me followed by gelato at a place down the block. We spent a little time just wondering around and doing a lot of people watching.

Rain continued.

On Sunday we meet up with some fellow Fodorites for brunch at the State & Allen

Food was good but not remarkable but the conversations were wonderful. We had a great time and a lot of laughs. We all arrived by about 11:20 and did not leave until 1:45. Sarge56 has a wonderful and wicked sense of humor and a kind spirit about her. Jill-H and Mr. H were also loads of fun keeping us in stitches with stories about their travels and honeymoon. It was clear that they very much love one another and that is something I love to see, who says that those flames have to cool? I will say this though as Jill, Sarge and Mrs. Sun began to bemoan the issues they have/had because of we men, it became clear to me that it was a good thing that Mr. H and I were there to defend our selves and bring to light their crimes :))

This GTG seemed all to short and I can only hope that I one day am lucky enough to spend more time with these fine people.

Wrap up:
If you are looking for a great place to spend a few days Dallas has got you covered, there is something there for just about everyone. If your activates take you downtown do you very best to park in a central parking lot and just walk around and use the free Street Car. This would have saved us a bundle on parking but with the rain we were in a bind.

If you rent a car or drive to Dallas be prepared as I believe that driving in that town should be an Olympic sport. Trick is to learn to throw your weight around, if you need to get over just get over because they are not going to let you in, also the speed limit is at best a suggestion. If you are doing under 80 I can not guarantee your safety.

I hope this little report proves useful. Pictures to follow


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