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Alan Apr 7th, 2002 10:09 AM

The Feast at Lele or Old Lahaina Luau?
We're going to be anchored in Lahaina on a cruise ship in May. We've read so much about the Old Lahaina Luau, but have heard nothing from people who have attended it's off-shoot - The Feast at Lele. If anyone has attended this, we'd appreciate hearing about your experience. Thanks!

Alan Apr 7th, 2002 10:18 AM

I forgot the mention in the above question that we have never been to a Luau. If we've never been to Luau, should we go ahead with the traditional, or should we skip it and go for the more elegant evening? Thanks again!!

dana Apr 7th, 2002 04:59 PM

Hi Alan,<BR>You aren't by any chance going on the Infinity or Summit, are you? If you are you will be in for a treat. We were on iNfinity last year and loved it!<BR>Now, as for the luau thing. Having been to several through the years, my husband and I simply loved the Feast at Lele. However, it wasn't your typical<BR>Hawaii luau extravaganza. It was a very small luau (approx 200) and you sit at private tables for two or four.<BR>The food was very, very good, and served in 5 or 6 courses. (No buffet lines like at all the others)<BR>All the drinks were included as well.<BR>The show was very good. They'd have a dance representing a part of the South Pacific, and also follow it with the food course that would by typical of that region. It was very GOURMET.<BR>Fish with seaweed, that type of thing, lots of coconut and banana leaf steamed fish and such.<BR>Now, I've heard that the Old Lahaina Luau is also very good. It's the traditional one with many more people. I've never been, but it is large. Probably around 500 to 800 folks.<BR>I've heard glowing reports about that one. If you've never been to a luau, that<BR>might be the one to go to. It will be the kalua pig, poi, et cet and many mai tais probably! i hear they have a pretty good show too!<BR>You can go on the websites for both luaus and check it out.

helen Apr 7th, 2002 05:05 PM

The Feast of Lele is more expensive and service is sit-down. Entertainment is more than just Hawaiian. Old Lahaina is outdoor and you serve yourself at the luau table and entertainment is traditional Hawaiian. The setting is nicer at Old Lahaina. Feast of Lele is operated in Old Lahaina's former location, before they moved and expanded.<BR>

Alan Apr 8th, 2002 02:48 PM

Reply to Dana,<BR><BR>Yes. We will be traveling on the Infinity. I visited Maui and Honolulu in 1984, and am looking forward to visiting them both again, as well as my first visits to Kauai and the Big Island. Thanks for your input regarding the feast and the luau.(and thanks to Helen for your information).

Marie Apr 8th, 2002 04:25 PM

The food at Luau's is in itself different, the food at the Old Lahaina was good however, but different, the Feast of Lele is beyond different, so unless you are into that exotic gourmet food, stick with the Old Lahaina, we loved the entire luau, it was our first as well, their website posts the menus search Old Lahaina Luau.<BR><BR>Request the seating on the floor which is closest to the stage, it was not uncomfortable at all and we are in our early 40's you are sooooo close. <BR><BR>Everything about this luau was awesome, the grounds are beautiful, and we walked the grounds for the Hyatt and Marriott luau's no comparison. It is voted #1 for a reason, a true highlight of our trip.<BR>

Ani Apr 8th, 2002 04:32 PM

Went to Old Lahaina Luau 2 years ago and it was a definate highlight of our Maui trip-great experience, great show, great food-have fun!

kwl Apr 9th, 2002 07:07 AM

Question for you folks who have gone to the Old Lahaina Luau - will it be as good as seeing a luau a second time. We went to the Kona Village luau last year on the Big Island, which is also highly rated. Now we are wondering if we should bother with the Old Lahaina Luau. Once you've seen one, have you seen them all? Thanks!

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