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Patrick Nov 23rd, 2000 08:27 AM

Tell me more about Il Mulino.
I keep reading about Il Mulino in NYC as being the best Italian restaurant, and yes I have Zagats which says the same thing. But I'm still trying to figure it out. I do not mind wearing a jacket to a very fancy restaurant, yet they request one here and most seem to wear one, despite the fact that it is very crowded and extremely hot so I am told. Which brings to mind the comment that many people make that your are really packed into this place and even with reservations they will probably make you wait up to an hour for a table. I know the prices are high, but how good can a carpaccio of beef be for nearly $30 as an appetizer (if I remember right from the menu I brought up on the web)? The one comment made over and over is that the portions are huge, which normally turns me off. I do not like stuffing myself no matter how good the food is, and would prefer smaller portions no matter how great the food is. We are still looking for a place to go on a Sunday night at 10 PM after a show in the village, so it seems perfect, but what am I missing here? Please talk us into going so I can see, but from what I read, everything seems to turn me off.

David Nov 24th, 2000 06:41 AM

I'm from the midwest an ate at Il Mulino approx. 1 yr. ago and would almost fly to NY just to eat there again! We (wife & I) went for lunch and found numerous people (self included) not wearing a jacket (dinner probably a different story). Our lunch while outrageously priced (approx. $125 w/ tip & no alcohol!) was by far the best Italian I've ever eaten. PS: I made reservations approx. 30 days ahead for approx. 1-1:30 on a Thurs. and was seat almost immediately. I highly recommend this place!!

huh? Nov 24th, 2000 10:21 AM

Patrick writes: <BR> <BR>&gt;&gt;your are really packed into this place and even with reservations they will probably make you wait up to an hour for a table. &lt;&lt; <BR> <BR>Isn't the point of a reservation so you don't have to WAIT? Why does the restaurant even offer reservations if they can't honor them? <BR> <BR>I don't care if God Himself cooks the meal, if I have a reservation for a certain time, I'm not waiting more than 10 minutes for the table.

Caitlin Nov 24th, 2000 03:16 PM

I've not been there, but most serious food people I know think it's wildly overrated. The Zagat rating appears to be majorly inflated--a not unusual problem. I realize there's a frequent poster here who basically recommends it every time he posts. Patrick, I suggest taking your search for your late Sunday dinner to's Manhattan message board. You will get very solid advice there from people who really know their food (if you're a Zagat fan, be forewarned that this site has a serious anti-zagat bias).

howard Nov 24th, 2000 05:24 PM

I'm not sure where the theater is that you're going to, but I can highly recommend La Metarie, a wonderful French restaurant at 189 W. 10th (where it crosses 4th St.) in West Village. I'm also not sure how late they serve dinner. 212-989-0343.

David Nov 24th, 2000 06:39 PM

It's ironic that the only people who seem to think it's over rated haven't actually eaten there? While it's true that I am a big fan, I believe I am giving accurate recommendation. I'm sure I'll take a lot of grief for this next statement, however, if you want to go to a place that in my opinion way over rated (and loved by most on this line)go to Union Square Cafe.

Patrick Nov 24th, 2000 06:50 PM

A couple of questions and comments: David, could you tell me what you ate at Il Mulino that was so wonderful? I eat a lot in Italy and I'm trying to figure what kind of Italian dishes would be worth the money, unless they were floating in truffles. Again, I understand paying prices like that at Le Bernadin or Le Cirque, but those aren't the simple Italian menu items I saw on Il Mulino's menu. <BR>And Caitlan, thanks a lot for the chowhound link. My eyes are now blurry because I have spent the last two hours or so pouring over that site. Fodor's may be seeing a little less of me for awhile, as that site takes days to cover!! <BR>And Howard, thanks for the La Metairie <BR>recommendation. I have heard of that and it does sound great. I also see they are open on Sunday, will check how late, but show is over before 10:00 so we should be OK.

howard Nov 25th, 2000 06:36 AM

Patrick, if you haven't gotten all your show tickets yet, I'd recommend the following: <BR>*The Full Monty--not a classic, but incredibly entertaining, with a fine cast! <BR>*Proof--extremely well crafted play, with some fine acting, led by Mary-Louise Parker. <BR>"Fully Committed--very funny off-Broadway show (you might find this one at TKTS.

Patrick Nov 25th, 2000 06:48 AM

Thanks, Howard, but as a theatre person, that's the first thing I did. Have all my tickets (7 shows in the 5 days we're there). Especially looking forward to Betrayal (I'm a Pinter person), and Tale of the Alchemists Wife. Also Full Monty, Dinner with Friends, and the Dinner Party. Seeing I Love You, You're Perfect, Now Change because it's the only thing playing on Monday nights that I haven't seen. And seeing Naked Boys Singing just for fun -- that's where we're looking for dinner afterwards in West Village -- probably trying La Metairie, thanks to you. Just called for reservations at 10:00, hoping they're still open then on Sunday, since it's right around the corner from the show.

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