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kwood1955 Oct 5th, 2020 08:01 AM

Taos and Paella
Investigated until I'm blue in the face for the best paella in Taos. Have a few placed in mind -- but what's your favorite place in Taos for paella?? Thanks for any / all recommendations!

Michael Oct 5th, 2020 11:20 AM

Originally Posted by kwood1955 (Post 17164236)
Investigated until I'm blue in the face for the best paella in Taos. Have a few placed in mind -- but what's your favorite place in Taos for paella?? Thanks for any / all recommendations!

Looking for paella in a high desert town would not cross my mind. Is there an embarras de choix when it comes to choosing venues that offer the dish?

sludick Oct 6th, 2020 07:42 AM

Agree, not where I would think to find paella, although there are some rice dishes that might be paella-like. Why not sample some of the local cuisine specialities? Personally, I always enjoy the chile relleno at Doc Martin's. Also, I see "Taoseno Rice" listed for Gutiz, which might come close to paella. Never had it, though.

Nelson Oct 6th, 2020 07:48 AM

Well, I had to search and it turns out there is a paella cook-off in Taos. From the second link it looks like it's held in September. The Great Chefs have a facebook page as well, maybe contact them?

sludick Oct 6th, 2020 10:46 AM

Nelson, I see that the Taos News article includes an interview of Gutiz, the restaurant I mentioned. From what it says, it appears that the Taosreno dish listed in the menu is their version of a Peruvian paella. Interesting.

mlgb Oct 6th, 2020 11:00 AM

Out of curiosity I looked at Gutiz menu online (since there is not much else to do here on Fodor's). The rice dish they serve has no seafood whatsoever in it.

It would be a stretch to call it Paella. The only fish on their (online) menu is Tilapia.

Taoseño Rice

Spanish rice, mushroom, spinach, mixed beans, green peas, red bell pepper, tomato, onion, aji panca chile, green chile, and potato topped with cheese and baked in a terra-cotta bowl. (Vegetarian, gluten-free, vegan option available)

sludick Oct 6th, 2020 12:09 PM

mlgb, exactly my thoughts. I'm curious, though, what has prompted the OP towards paella in Taos. The September cook-off write up?

elberko Oct 6th, 2020 12:22 PM

Paella doesn't necessarily include seafood. Valencian Paella (Paella's home) is made with rabbit and snails.
I agree the dish described above does not sound anything close to paella.

Nelson Oct 6th, 2020 12:23 PM

I hadn't noticed the Guitiz connection, sludick. That Taosreno dish sounds great to me, being I vegetarian. They also have a nice sounding Vegetarian Tartine.

Vegetarian Tartine

Open-faced toasted sandwich with hummus, potatoes,mushrooms, green beans, bell pepper, peas, garbanzo, pinto, and kidney beans. Drizzled with house-made yellow chile and chipotle sauces. Sprinkled with sesame seeds. Served with mixed greens. (Vegetarian)

We were in NM this spring as Covid was unfolding and were close to Pie Town. Unfortunately didn't actually make it there but had pie not far away in a little hole in teh wall in the El Malpais Natl Monument. It was one of the best pies on record! So, who knows, paella in Taos could be OK.

HappyTrvlr Oct 6th, 2020 02:41 PM

The title of this thread really surprised me as paella is about as far from Northern New Mexican cuisine as I can imagine. But the place you found sounds great.

mlgb Oct 6th, 2020 03:18 PM

I'm curious as to what places the OP has found, too.

It seems Taos has no shortage of Peruvian restaurants. Maybe try Arroz con Mariscos as a sort of paella. Not that I'd be expecting fresh mariscos in Taos.

sludick Oct 6th, 2020 04:59 PM

Nelson - we've had the pie in Pie Town! Yes, it was quite good.

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