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Iain Apr 20th, 1999 02:19 AM

Suggestions for a base in ME
My wife and I are planning to visit New England this October. We plan to spend a few nights in Boston, then move up the coast slightly, looking for a base from which to explore some of the rest of New England (New Hampshire, Vermont, more northern Maine)for a further 4/5 nights. Looking at maps, we've considered York Harbor as a potential base. Does anyone have any comments/suggestions regarding this ? <BR> <BR>Thanks <BR> <BR>Iain

Donna Apr 20th, 1999 04:18 AM

The coast of Maine is best visited during the summer, when the weather is warmer. Farther inland, the foliage is spectacular in early October, so you may want to spend a couple of nights in the North Conway area (although I would recommend one of the nearby towns, rather than right in North Conway) so that you can drive all over the White Mountains and a couple of nights in the Stowe area, or thereabouts, so you can explore the Green Mountain area. It really doesn't matter much where you stay, though, as the best way to enjoy the foliage is to get in your car and drive all over. You can cover a lot of territory in these two states with "scenic drives". For suggestions, be sure to check out Another good resource is Frommer's New England's Best Loved Driving Tours. Or, if you're a AAA member, pick up a Maine, NH, VT map - the most scenic routes are annotated. Try to time your visit before mid-October for the best colors.

Donna Apr 20th, 1999 04:19 AM

P.S. North Conway is in northeastern New Hampshire, and Stowe is in north Central Vermont. Also, it's best to reserve your accomodations well in advance. Feel free to e-mail for suggestions.

stephanie Apr 20th, 1999 02:10 PM

Have stayed in York Harbor and loved it. They have a few very nice inns there, one the Stage Neck Inn (AAA 4star) is right on the water. <BR> <BR>It's a charming historic town, and we really enjoyed the town, and the Nubble lighthouse there. We didn't venture out as far as you might so can't comment on its practicallity in that regard, but after driving thru/around Ogunquit & Kennebunkport, we were glad we stayed in York. York Harbor Inn & Stage Neck Inn are listed in AAA guidebook and have websites - just look up their names to find.

Iain Apr 25th, 1999 11:49 PM

Thanks for your replies, we've decided to stay in York and have booked a room at the York Harbor Inn. <BR>Can anyone tell me what the weather is like in that area in mid-Oct ?

Donna Apr 26th, 1999 04:48 PM

This being New England, the weather is "variable". Varies not only from one year to the next, but from one day to the next and throughout the day. Could be sunny and in the 70's (or you could even hit a spell of Indian Summer with temps in the 80's) or it could be quite frosty. You won't need your bathing suit or snow gear, but can expect anything in between. Best to pack "layers" and a warm jacket.

Amita Jun 3rd, 1999 09:03 PM

Iain: <BR> <BR>If you're staying in York, be sure to visit the Wiggly Bridge. It's the smallest suspension bridge in the world (about 10 feet long) and when you walk on it, it wiggles. It leads to a little wooded island.

Jan Jun 3rd, 1999 11:14 PM

We stayed in York a couple of years back and really loved it, while you are there do go Portsmouth N.Hampshire, just a few miles away and visit Strawberry Banke,it is a wonderful museum.

Iain Jun 4th, 1999 08:31 AM

Thanks to all who have replied. We have a lot to cram in to a short holiday, so I'd better get stuck in to these guide books.( Who ever said short breaks were relaxing?)

G. Bush Jun 4th, 1999 09:40 AM

Be sure to walk the Marginal Way in Ogunquit; it's beautiful in any kind of weather, and you can reward yourself at the end with lobster and beer at Barnicle Billy's. And we'd love to see you in Kennebunkport. <BR>

stephanie Jun 4th, 1999 02:45 PM

Was that THE George Bush? How nice that you use this forum as well. We drove by (and stopped for a while as did MANY others)and looked at your home in Kennebunkport. It's beautiful and what a lovely setting. It must be a little slice of heaven for you. (By the way I voted for you twice!) Take care! Sorry, Iain, couldn't resist!

stephanie Jun 4th, 1999 02:48 PM

By the way, if that wasn't THE George Bush, I guess I just put in a plug for driving by his home, and had fun writing the last post anyway!

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