Special Occasion Restaurant...Chicago

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Special Occasion Restaurant...Chicago

Any opinions as to which of the following restaurants would best top off a 20th anniversary dinner? We're not from Chicago, and haven't eaten out there much in the past. Choices: Coco Palazzo(?sp), Seasons (staying at the Four Seasons), Rosebud, Everest, Ambria. Thanks for any first hand suggestions.
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Charlie Trotters was just voted the best restaurant in the USA (by whom, I don't remember). Bring your wallet and make reservations early.
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Of the ones you list, my top three choices would be (in order) Everest, Seasons, and Ambria. Everest is on the 40th floor of a building in the financial district. Lovely food, exquisite service, and very romantic atmosphere. Request a window table--if the season is right, you can't beat the view west as the sun sets and the city lights come up. Seasons is also nice, but service is sometimes not as attentive. Food more American than at Everest. Seasons is in the Four Seasons Hotel--one of those "why pay less" types of hotels--and it too has some nice views on to Michigan Avenue. Ambria is in Lincoln Park. Very dark and cosy atmosphere, good but not cutting edge food, wonderful service.

I would not put Rosebud and Coco Pazzo in the same class as the three above. As to Charlie Trotter's, I personally find it too much trouble eating there. The service is kind of haughty, the food just a little...I don't know, like they expect you to be too respectful of it or something.
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martha python
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I can't match Marilyn's breadth of knowledge, but I have eaten at Everest and recommend it highly (especially the lobster in ginger-gewurz sauce).
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We really enjoyed Charlie Trotter's. The presentations were wonderful, the food - taste explosions, and the service was terrific. We had a special dining room on the 2nd floor, and the intimacy it provided for the six of us was perfect.
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Another vote for Everest. It is definitely a special occassion kind of place. One of the best I have ever dined at, and I have tried to make a point of going to five star restaurants when I have been in a city that has one.
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We ate at Seasons for 10th anniversary (mostly for convenience...during winter time, staying at the hotel, etc).
It's a nice place, but not in the same category as Everest or Trotter's for a special occasion IMO.
BTW, I also think the Four Seasons is about due for a refurb. Starting to get a little worn around the edges.
The Peninsula is the best destination in town right now, again, IMO.
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Please consider Crofton on Wells. We ate there Saturday night. It was one of the best dinners we've had in Chicago, and we've eaten at Ambria, Everest, Trotters, etc. Started with the crabmeat and shrimp appetizer, then the goatcheese salad. My wife had a most delicious salmon as entree and I had roasted alaskan halibut. Deserts were teriffic too
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Ambria and Everest heads and shoulders above the other restaurants you mentioned. You might want to check the Chicago Tribune dining reviews at
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Have not eaten at the restaurants you suggest, however:

Charlie Trotters is an experience not to be missed if you have time to get a reservation. He is widely considered to be one of the best chefs worldwide. I dined there alone and the service was perfectly correct, but friendly, no hauteur (sp?) noted. My waiter brought me Trotter's cookbook to amuse myself with while waiting, and gave me a tour of the kitchen without my asking.

Also, Tru was fantastic when I was there in May 2000...a bit less formal than Trotter, but just as expensive.

BTW, a very romantic french place is Le Bouchon, not a special occaision restaurant, but nice if you are there another evening.
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Another vote for Everest. I had the best meal of my life there a year and a half ago. I loved the food, the presentation, the ambience, and the service.
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Tru is not to be missed,that is all I can say!!!
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During our last trip to Chicago, we discovered a quiet, romantic place called Zaven's. It sits in a condo off Chestnut Street, behind the Ritz Carlton. There was a nice, quiet, small bar where you could chat with locals, even regulars that lived in the condo. If you like a beautiful, traditional setting with dim lites and your food cooked to order...try Zaven's. Mr. Zaven will greet you at the door.

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