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Seer1 Jun 8th, 2006 05:56 AM

Some advice on South of Pitt?
Hello, I was reading alot of threads here on the different towns, the various opinions were great thank you for sharing. I am considering buying an investment property or 2nd home in the Pittsburgh area. I am from San Fran(born and raised most of my life). However I have lived in other states and even out of country. Anyway I have a child who is a student of WVU in Morgantown,WV. While the town is ok I am not overly drawn to it for some odd reason. Also being more of a city person I like being able to access a city fairly quickly so I can play when I want to play. I was going to just buy in Pitt area, but then I thought why not buy in between the two. I have only seen the interstate and what small areas are between the Pitt airport and Morgantown. I thought the town of Washington was ok looking. Anyway can anyone tell me of some good towns that are in between Pitt and Morgantown they would recommend? Thanks for your help

mahoneycutt Jun 9th, 2006 05:06 PM

I'm not sure it is in between, but I frequently visit Cumberland, MD (1 hour to Morgantown, 2 hours to Pitt).

In my mind, it comes down to what you want to do when you are not "playing".

Mike Honeycutt

Stephanie Jun 9th, 2006 06:37 PM


Washington, PA area is nice and rural and the real estate should be inexpensive. It is also the place of the Meadowlands, harness racing, which is a fun place to go and watch the horses around the track.

I live a few miles (4-5?) from the Pittsburgh International Airport and from me Morgantown is about 1 hr 45 min away. I'd estimate Washington to be about 30-45 min drive away from Morgantown.

LvSun Jun 9th, 2006 07:34 PM

What kind of "play" do you want? Nightlife, etc or nature?

If you want an investment:
and want skiing, nature, and boating, I would check out Deep Creek, Md - Deep Creek Lake and Wisp Ski Resort are there. and It's about an hour from Morgantown. Not really familiar with real estate there, but we keep seeing more and more building going on there.

Also investment:
Another nature and ski area that is booming is Canaan Valley, West Virginia. Tons of people from DC, WV, and other areas are building second homes and buying up condos. It may have leveled off but the value of land has gone insane in the last few years. We could easily sell our second home for 4 times what we paid for it 5 years ago.

Not real familiar with Washington, but I also think that would be your best bet in that direction.

Also FYI: If you buy a trailer for your child to live in while at WVU, you can sell it for more than you pay for it. Independence Hill is a nice trailer park. Also provides quieter living conditions for students than many of the apartments. Not sure about houses but I believe they also sell quickly.

tuscanlifeedit Jun 10th, 2006 01:22 PM

I live in Pittsburgh, and I wouldn't recommend Washington, PA. Whatever small town atmosphere may still exist there, it is being watered down by development all over Washington County. The town itself is poor, and the surrounding either rundown, or blossoming into McMansions.

Coming Southeast, there are a number of likely little towns and areas, but they are east and not directly south. The National Road historic area is nice, and not, as far as I know, ripe for development.

A little bit further east is the town of Ligonier, where old money left its mark in a bit of a nicer, more quaint village feel. Lots of nice surrounding areas.

Southeast would be my choice over directly south. You get the lovely mountains, and nicer scenery.

Stephanie Jun 10th, 2006 02:41 PM


the guy doesn't think Morgantown is that great of a place to live directly so obviously he wants some type of place that would be closer to the action of a bigger city. Maybe I don't agree with that choice I think Morgantown is very beautiful so I don't think he'd like something just as rural as Ligonier.

MrsKiss Jun 10th, 2006 02:59 PM

Mmm? I grew up in the area that you speak of...However, there is a whole lot of nothing to do in some of the little towns along the way to Morgantown, WV.
Scottdale, PA...Quaint old town, lots of old historic homes could purchase and remodel for a profit...Small town things to do
Connellsville, Pa...A positive for Conn. is the bike trail that goes from there to Ohiopyle State Park. Beautiful old railroad track turned into a bike trail along the Yough River into Ohiopyle Town where the falls are
Uniontown, PA... Rt. 40 would take you to Nemicoln Resort. Classy..expensive, continue along 40 and you can find Yough Dam. Good Boating!
It is all about what you like to do. There are many places along the way that are nature, historic, types of things...but, otherwise not a whole lot to offer.

erdockac Jun 10th, 2006 04:13 PM


We live in Peters Township which is in Washington County(lower taxes than Allegheny County) and about 1/2 way between Washington, Pa and Pittsburgh. If we want to do any "city things" sporting events, concerts, shows, good restaurants etc. we always go to Pittsburgh. As far as investment property, the market in Pittsburgh is far from California and making money in the time your child is at WVU, probably won't happen. The area between Morgantown and Pittsburgh doesn't really have anything I would consider a city, it is mostly rural, with several already mentioned quaint small towns and the distant suburbs of Pittsburgh. We love Peters TWP, but I wouldn't consider it a 2nd home kind of place.

I was going to suggest Deep Creek, MD (Wisp ski resort is also here) which has some beautiful lakefront and nearby homes, as well as some upscale amenities (The Sewickely Spa has a branch in the lodge). It certainly isn't a city, though.

tuscanlifeedit Jun 10th, 2006 06:17 PM

Even Pittsburgh, which I live in the very heart of, doesn't have all that much "big city" atmosphere. It sure won't be found in any town between here and Morgantown, as the above poster stated. I guess I was going for charm with my suggestions...

And since this is about the flatest real estate market in US, I wouldn't recommend buying anything in order to turn a profit.

Stephanie Jun 10th, 2006 06:50 PM


pittsburgh has what all bigger cities have except in a smaller package - museums, sports, concerts/symphony, theatre, shopping i don't think he'd be very bored here or in the surrounding area. I'm not knocking Ligonier - I love country this guy just seems to be a city person.

LvSun Jun 12th, 2006 04:22 PM

Wonder if Seer ever read the replies.

Seer1 Jun 30th, 2006 09:37 AM

I wanted to thank you all for your replies you have all been helpful. I am still undecided but at least now I have other areas to consider. I enjoy the city life as I was mostly raised in the city, but I like quiet suburbia ways to. We are an ecclectic family as are most. When I play in the city I go to plays, museums, shows, concerts, club hopping, events,shop or just loose myself for the day there. On the outdoors side we all snow ski and board, water ski, hike, camp, fish, hunt, white water raft etc. So I guess I am looking for something that would be beneficial in all areas. Also investing is long term for me. I do have an addiction to history and historic buildings though,lol. I enjoyed some of the older homes I have seen in the area. Morgantown is alright, the people were friendly, and I have yet to figure out what it is everytime I go there that puts me off a bit. I however did enjoy Cheat Lake a great deal. Anyway again I thank you all for your replies and time you took to answer.

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