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Rae Jun 28th, 2002 07:04 AM

Six Flags
I want to take my niece to Six Flags for a "grad" present. Are there any packages or hotels I should know about?<BR>

VagueAlert Jun 28th, 2002 07:05 AM

There are dozens of Six Flags parks around the USA. Do you have a specific one in mind???

Jen Jun 28th, 2002 07:53 AM

Rae, please don't make us guess which state you chose as a keyword.

Susan Jun 28th, 2002 08:18 AM

My hubby and I are taking our two boys to the one in Gurnee, IL this Sunday. It is pretty expensive ($30 for kids, $40 for adults), but the boys get in free for having read and logged 600 minuted during the school year, and Hubby and I each have an empty Coke can worth $10 off (check yours, Sprite too). This means all four of us will get in for $60.<BR><BR>Look up Six Flags on the web to see if they have any deals and/or info about nearby lodging. If you're visiting the Gurnee, IL one, it's across the highway from Gurnee Mills, an enormous outlet mall, so there are a lot of hotels nearby (I couldn't tell you which ones, though!)<BR><BR>Have fun!

name Jun 28th, 2002 11:28 AM

Well, let's see; according to the Six Flags web site, there are parks in:<BR><BR>California - 5 parks<BR>Colorado<BR>Georgia - 3<BR>Illinois <BR>Kentucky<BR>Maryland<BR>Massachusetts<BR>Misso uri<BR>New Jersey - 3<BR>New York - 2<BR>Ohio - 2<BR>Oklahoma - 2<BR>Texas - 6<BR>Washington<BR><BR>Since Rae seems to assume there's only one Six Flags Park, we can't assume Rae was even talking about one in the US, although it was posted in this forum. Then again, so have questions about Bermuda and bus travel in Mexico. Therefore, we must also consider the Six Flags parks in:<BR><BR>Holland<BR>Belgium - 2<BR>Germany<BR>France - 3<BR>Mexico, and<BR>Canada.<BR><BR>So after reviewing this list, we can safely assume Rae is not referring to any theme park in Oregon or the Sudan. Hope this helps.

Suzy Jun 28th, 2002 11:34 AM

I remember as a kid the only Six Flags was in St. Louis, then I think they opened one in Texas.

lightning Jun 28th, 2002 12:02 PM

There's definitely a different feel to the parks I've been to now that Time warner has taken over - a lot more corporate with many cross-promotions (warner bros, Batman, superman, etc).<BR><BR>I miss the old days when Great Adventure averaged a couple deaths a year - now those were THRILL rides!

gambler Jun 28th, 2002 12:19 PM

Here's a new game. Let's all guess which park Rae is referring to, until she checks back and hopefully gives the park she's looking for info on. Maybe we can swing a Fodor's pin or something for the winner. <BR><BR>I'll start off by guessing Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom.

jerseyboy Jun 28th, 2002 12:25 PM

lightning,<BR><BR>You're not being fair when you say Great Adventure used to average a couple deaths per year - it's misleading. It was more like multiple deaths every few years - Haunted House burned down, three kids fell from Lightning Loops, high school trip from Brooklyn went on a stabbing rampage, am I missing anything?

jerseyboy Jun 28th, 2002 12:30 PM

By the way, I'm guessing Six Flags America (Maryland).

coasterdude Jun 28th, 2002 12:38 PM

Magic Mountain, Valencia, CA

cb Jun 28th, 2002 12:39 PM

Suzy:<BR><BR>The first Six Flags park was Six Flags over Texas in Irving, near Dallas.

luke Jun 28th, 2002 12:52 PM

After examining the website, I'm torn in my guess between Six Flags Belgium - ride the WILD WAFFLE! - and Walibi Rhone-Alpes (France).

mikey Jun 28th, 2002 12:58 PM

jerseyboy,<BR><BR>Yeah I always wondered what was worse: dealing with the kids from New York and Philly inside Great Adventure or driving through the baboon section of the Wild Safari? Then again, there might not be a difference.

BriNeelan Jun 28th, 2002 01:02 PM

Six Flags also has a new park called Jazzland in New Orleans. It will add the "Six Flags" name in 2004.

oh Jun 28th, 2002 01:17 PM

I can seeit now:<BR><BR>Six Flags Jazzland: Ride the Wild Emeril! <BR><BR>Bang!

Jen Jun 28th, 2002 02:15 PM

Gee, Rae must be really really interested to hear our answers. It's been over 6 hours and she hasn't checked in!

Jim Jun 28th, 2002 02:18 PM

A quick search shows that Rae selected the keyword "Texas" when writing her post. Apparently she didn't realize that (1) all the messages really go to one board and (2) there are 6 six Flags in TX!

Huckleberry Jun 28th, 2002 02:19 PM

I smell a troll.

Rae Jun 29th, 2002 07:16 AM

Sorry, thought I put Texas in the question.

nontechie Jun 29th, 2002 07:25 AM

Jim<BR><BR>How did you know Rae put Texas in as a keyword? <BR><BR>I'm always impressed by what people can do on computers!

rolley Jun 29th, 2002 08:13 AM

Anybody hear soemthing about the new "Xtreme" ride at the Valencia location being broken down already?

Jim Jun 29th, 2002 08:23 AM

Duh, nontechie, as I SAID, I did a seach on the keyword "Texas" and this thread came up! <BR><BR>I nominate Rae as the troll/idiot du jour, since she's (apparently) come back, reported in about Texas, but still hasn't confirmed which of the 6 Six Flags in TX she's talking about.

rae Jun 29th, 2002 02:28 PM

Wow, just wanted some info about Six Flags. Any Six Flags in Texas.

X Jun 29th, 2002 03:07 PM

Rae, it is frustrating because 22 posts into this message we still didn't know if you had a specific Six Flags in mind. If "any" Six Flags in Texas is what you truly want, it's pretty darn broad and I'd suggest you choose either Arlington or Houston and go from there! Check the website, too!!

yyy Jun 29th, 2002 03:32 PM

Rae: Please refer to the recent entitled "Please and Thank You" or something like that. You will find it most informative. <BR><BR>You have now managed to post three different times requesting information in a manner that is both vague and uninformative. You are fortunate in that you have received 20+ responses from people who would like to help you if you would only provide some more information. <BR><BR>So what do you do? You come back with a sourpuss attitude and still don't answer all the questions. And nowhere do you say "thank you" to those that answered your post, nor do you put "please" in any of your requests. <BR><BR>Bottom Line: You don't deserve any answers. Thank you.

Tiff Jul 18th, 2002 07:30 PM

Dear Rae,<BR>I'm from Kansas and thought I just might try to help you out. There is Six Flags Fiesta in San Antonio, Texas.<BR><BR>A Fiesta Texas Hotel Partner is: <BR>Marriott Hotels<BR>Rates from $49.00-$144 per room/per night plus tax. <BR>Call 1-888-550-4FUN today, ask for the Fiesta Texas rates (code SIXA). <BR><BR>13 locations in San Antonio; Rivercenter, Riverwalk, Northwest, Plaza San Antonio, Courtyard with 4 locations, Residence Inn with 3 locations, Fairfield with 2 locations.<BR><BR><BR>Here are some Ticket prices of Six Flags Fiesta:<BR><BR>General Admission $36.99 <BR>48 inches & Under $22.99 <BR>Senior Citizen $24.99 <BR>Children Under 3 FREE <BR>Multi-Visit (2 days) $41.99 <BR>2002 Individual Season Pass $69.99 <BR>PRICES DO NOT INCLUDE TAX<BR><BR>For more Information here's their website. <BR><BR><BR>Hope this helps! Have Fun!<BR>~Tiff

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