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Should I cancel my trip to New York this weekend?

Should I cancel my trip to New York this weekend?

Sep 12th, 2001, 03:14 PM
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The gruesome point everyone is overlooking is that in a week or so the stench from THOUSANDS of decomposing bodies will fill this city with a smell that will not only deter tourists, but drive locals away as well.

There is no way even the TINIEST portion of the debris will be removed by the time you get here.
Do not come to New York unless you would enjoy something like that.

Wake up, folks. The horrors are not over yet.
Sep 12th, 2001, 03:46 PM
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Heard that the air is not that healthy either with all that stuff floating in the air. Our trip to New York was to arrive tomorrow. We canceled our trip and will plan in again next year.
Sep 12th, 2001, 04:02 PM
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If it were me, I would not come. I personally feel that the US is bracing for major retaliation. When we strike back, it will not be pretty, and there is no way of knowing when or where it will be. I would not take the chance right now by flying abroad. When we do make a strike, some sort of counter retaliation may follow.....I just wouldn't chance it.
Sep 12th, 2001, 10:41 PM
russ i
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I can't say whether you should go to New York or not, but I can relate a similar experience I had in 1999.

I had tickets to go to Istanbul. A week before my departure, the huge earthquake leveled a portion of the city. I agonized for 2 days over whether or not to go. Ultimately, I decided that the last thing that the city needed was the economic disaster of the loss of tourist revenue right on the heels of the enormous loss of life and property. My instinct turn out to be correct, as the people of Istanbul were incredibly thankful to us and the other travelers who came inspite of the tragedy.
Sep 13th, 2001, 02:15 AM
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Thanks for all the messages and advice.
I cancelled my flight this morning. Some of you were asking where I am coming from. I live in London.

I think the devastation in NY is too great to even contemplate normality. The relative with whom I was supposed to stay in New Jersey told me not to go and my friend in Boston basically said the same.

I will visit though, next year. I think the whole world shares the American people's sorrow. Certainly, in London, the mood is quite grim and Heathrow has still suspended all US flights.
Sep 13th, 2001, 05:05 AM
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Can you change your trip around so that you go to DC first? Maybe sightsee in DC and then Boston and save NY for last. It won't be the same right now but at least some time may elapse and things in NY could be at least a bit more "normal." Another suggestion - maybe go somewhere else besides NY as a third choice. There are many historic sites within hours of DC such as Williamsburg, VA, and Gettysburg, PA that are chock full of American history and are very nice and interesting places to visit. Amerian hearts are broken but not our spirits!
Sep 13th, 2001, 11:45 AM
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Dear Chris, I really think you made the right decision. As I think I said or implied in an earlier post, I believe we are weeks or moths from even touching the bottom of our grief, apart from all the practical and safety concerns. (Empire State Building evacuated last nite, Grand Central Station evacuated today; beginning concerns as someone has noted about biological toxicity as bodies are not recoved swiftly; closings of bridges, tunnels, airports)

I live downtown where I am especially aware of things (not that others are not--but--my home streets are empty of traffic except for ambulances and heavy equipment moving down to the site; I have to wear a mask outside in order to breathe). I think it's "worse" than visiting a country where a bomb has gone off in a public place (tho that is awful)--it is more like a true war zone

I've though about your question since yesterday (I have to use a computer in a cafe). Come another time--come in the spring--when we will be agagin available we hope to see to your enjoyment of (still) a glorious city.

Sep 13th, 2001, 11:58 AM
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I totally agree with Elizabeth. Chris, I know you have already canceled, so this is for anyone else considering coming in the next 2 weeks or so. The tension here is almost thicker than the smoke. Not a smile anywhere. Bomb threats almost every hour. A lot of people are still in shock. It was absolutely gut wrenching to see people jumping out of windows to their deaths. Watching it on TV is really very different than being there, feeling it, smelling it. I am about out of my skin at this point. Little to no sleep, sirens 24 hrs a day, migranes from whatever is floating around in the air, and jumping at any loud noise or shadow overhead. I haven't even gotten started on the grief as we discover yet another customer, friend, associate, etc. who is missing. Not only were there hundreds of office workers there, but there were also hundreds of people who have appointments or visit there regularly (we had no way of knowing that they had gone there that day). We haven't begun to start on doldrums, we are still on shock, denial, and numbing pain. And, communication is nil. In my home and office we have no long distance telephone, no fax, spotty cell phone connection, & practically no internet access. Strange though, I got on Fodors but could not get CNN, CNBC, Yahoo, Google, or anything else. The water supply will be the next to go.
Sep 13th, 2001, 12:19 PM
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Ellen, thank you for posting. You've given us a real understanding of what life is like for those of you in New York. I do hope that somehow you, and all New Yorkers, in fact all of us, can find a way to back to some semblance of life before 9-11-01.

Please keep us updated on how you're doing -- the day-to-day trials of your life help clarify the reality of these incomprehensible events.

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