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Mia Aug 15th, 2001 06:16 AM

See my San Francisco itinerary
I will be in San Francisco for 1.5 days at the beginning of my week-long stay in California (9/14/01-9/22/01) and then another day at the end. We are staying in North Beach at the San Remo hotel and I want to know if these sights/restaurants are the good ones: Coit Tower, tai chi in Washington Square, Chinatown (dim sum), Lombard St., City Lights Bookstore, drinks at Vesuvio, seals on the pier (I am an animal fan), Golden Gate park (tea garden?), 30th birthday dinner at Green's (we're vegetarian). Please offer criticisms, suggestions, agreements...Thanks!

garyt Aug 15th, 2001 09:32 AM

Mia - When you visit your seal friends at Pier 39, consider adding a 1 hour Bay takes you out under the Golden Gate bridge and past Alcatraz... its an hour you won't forget... also consider a short walk from the pier to the Cable Car turnaround for that mandatory ride up and down the Hyde/Powell line...have fun!

kam Aug 15th, 2001 10:10 AM

If you are a strict vegetarian, you'll need to find a dim sum place where the waiters speak good English. Many of the dumplings have pork and seafood and duck is very common as well. Harbor Village might be a good choice or the Hong Kong Flower Lounge on Geary in the Richmond District (the "new" Chinatown) The branch in Palo Alto has all the dim sum described in English on little cards. The one in Millbrae is Chinese speakers only. Don't know about the one on Geary. Coit Tower is a great view and be sure to read about Miss Lillie before you go. Lombard Street often has a line of cars waiting to drive down creating 30 min. waits--don't go if it's too backed up. When you go to City Lights, be sure to stop at Cafe Trieste for a coffee (opera singing on Sat. afternoons. It's been quite a while since we've been to Greens and there have been some negative comments on this board. If you want to go, be sure to make reservations well ahead.Almost any SF restaurant will include a couple vegetarian dishes--there are a lot of people out here who don't eat meat. You'll like the San Remo and just wandering in North Beach. It's my favorite part of the city. You might want to investigate tickets to Beach Blanket Babylon at the Fugazi Theater--it's right in North Beach and you could walk from your hotel. They have a website somewhere and you need to reserve 3-4 weeks in advance. Sorry you only have a few days, but we've had friends only have one day and they've left feeling that it was worthwhile and vowing to return. Enjoy.

Greg Aug 15th, 2001 10:50 AM

Make sure you visit the Buena Vista bar and have an Irish coffee.

Caitlin Aug 15th, 2001 01:51 PM

Greens has great views, but reports on the food have been mixed lately and it seems it isn't what it once was. Millenium, the other high-end strictly vegewtarian place in town, gets all good reviews, though. <BR> <BR>I'll post again about vegetarian dim sum.

Caitlin Aug 16th, 2001 05:39 AM

BTW, not trying to necessarily dissuade you from Greens--I'm sure people are still having some great meals there--but just relating what I've hesrd. You may also want to look into Millenium, which is equivalent in the price and sophistication factors. <BR> <BR>For dim sum, the best place is probably Yank Sing in the Rincon Center, though it is also on the expensive side. But the staff speak English and there are more vegetarian selections than at other places. If you tell your server you only wanmt vegetarian, she'll steer the right things your way.

kam Aug 16th, 2001 09:39 AM

Caitlin has given you the new address for Yank Sing which recently moved. Your guide books might still have it on Battery but it's in the Rincon Center at 101 Spear Street. Not very far away, and yes, I would agree that this is a good choice.As I said before, you'll find great vegetarian entrees in almost any California cuisine restaurant and lots of pasta in North Beach.

Susan Aug 20th, 2001 06:07 PM

Might have been a fluke but we had a terrible experience at Millenium. The setting is lovely and the food was fine, not anything to write home about, but the service was absolutely deplorable! We were a large party celebrating a birthday with reservations. After we were seated we waited a full 30 minutes for someone to come talk to us and take our drink orders, etc. It went on badly from there, with things forgotten and very delayed. Even after complaining to the manager we were neglected. Sorry I can't recommend it. <BR>

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