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jlm_mi Feb 17th, 2006 09:54 AM

Sedona Lodging - Priceline/Hotwire?
My in-laws are spending a weekend in Sedona after a work conference in AZ (not sure where) in early March. FIL called today to ask me whether they should use priceline to find lodging.

I haven't called him back, so I'm not sure of budget or any other details, but wanted to get the opinions of Sedona experts on this before talking to him.

I've read through hotel lists at and along with some posts here. Sounds like there are a lot of smaller, independent hotels and resorts that might be preferable to the options that tend to come up on priceline, but not sure how expensive they are. I'm sure they want to go low-budget to moderate, but don't have a number yet.

So, any advice on whether or not to even consider priceline or hotwire for Sedona? And if so what to beware of? Seems resort fees could be a big problem for some places.

Activity-wise, they'll be looking for a combo. FIL loves to hike, so wants to do plenty of that. But MIL has a prosthetic leg and doesn't get around super-easily, so hiking is out for her. She'd enjoy more shopping/relaxing type activities, and maybe a jeep tour.

I hope someone can help with this rather vague request. I'm not familiar with Sedona at all beyond the reading I've done today, but would love to help point my in-laws in the right direction. :)

wliwl Feb 17th, 2006 11:44 AM

Personally I hate to recommend to family/friends. If they get a hotel that they don't like, you'll feel responsible.

For a week's vacation (and without knowing their budget it's a little tough) I think I'd want to choose where I was going to stay.

I use Priceline all the time when I'm going someplace where I just need a roof over my head, but I'd prefer a smaller, non-chain place in Sedona.

Perhaps you should point them to tripadvisor and have them pick out a few places that sound good to them.

jlm_mi Feb 17th, 2006 11:54 AM

They'll only be there for a weekend if that matters.

They know I use priceline extensively for myself, so thought they'd like to give it a try too, with my help. They've used it before in cities, but neither of us is sure it's a good bet for this area. I'm leaning toward no, but wondered what others thought, specifically about Sedona.

emd Feb 17th, 2006 12:40 PM

In my several years on this forum, watching closely and responding to many Sedona posts since I go there a few times every year, I have never seen anyone talk about using Priceline or Hotwire for Sedona. So I'll be very interested in what comes up in response to your question.

jlm_mi Feb 17th, 2006 04:48 PM

OK, a bit more info. They're needing a hotel for Sunday and Monday nights, March 4 & 5. They're looking at hotels in Flagstaff for around $80/night, so I guess that's the budget.

Any suggestions for Sedona itself, or is Flagstaff a fine choice?

emd Feb 17th, 2006 06:09 PM

Flag is a fine location w/it's own attractions, and it is not touristy. COmpletely different from Sedona. It's a real town surrounded by the wonderful San Fransisco Peaks w/a university and a museum (Museum of Northern AZ) and the renowned Lowell Observatory, etc.. It is a 40 min. very winding fairly steep canyon drive from Flag down to Sedona. And there could be significant snow in early March in Flag although there hasn't been much this year. But if they want to be in Sedona to hike all day each day or just sepnd all their day time in Sedona, I'd suggest staying in Sedona. And you do not want to drive up 89A from Sedona back to FLag at night - at least I won't do that drive at night.
It will be rough to find decent accomodations in Sedona at beginning of March (March and April are best hiking months of this time of year) for $80. I tried Desert Quail in village of OAk Creek for your dates(good budget location about 5 miles before Sedona on HWY 179, but it is in the red rocks) and even they are $119. Sky Ranch Lodge does not publish rates for any particular nights online - I woudl call them and see what a regualr garden room runs. Check reviews on
There is a decent Hampton Inn on 89A in west Sedona, don't know the rates but it gets good reviews. Fronting on 89A can be a bit noisy so you have to get a quiet room.

emd Feb 17th, 2006 06:21 PM

and the Hampton Inn is $149 on your dates.

There is a Kokopelli Inn in The Village of OAk Creek that runs $89 weekdays and $99 weekends for a queen rm. Overall good reviews on

There used to be more good budget possibilites in Sedona and village of Oak Creek (like desert Quail was running $59-$79 a night last Feb.!) but that has changed recently. Gone are those days for the most part.

jlm_mi Feb 17th, 2006 07:54 PM

Thanks for all the good info! I'll pass it along when I see them tomorrow. :)

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