Sedona AZ Pink Jeep Tours

Aug 26th, 1999, 07:39 AM
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Sedona AZ Pink Jeep Tours

My husband and I are going to be visiting Sedona for a few days in a couple of weeks. Has anyone ever done a "Pink Jeep Tour" - Everyone we've talked to has told us we have to take a tour but no one has actually ever taken one! Any details as far as which tours they offer might be a good one to take?
We're both young (late 20's/early 30's) with no back problems.

Thanks for any assistance.
Aug 26th, 1999, 08:56 AM
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Yes, definitely take one. The time of the year will determine what time of day to take it. During this time of the year, definitely take it first thing in the morning or late afternoon/early evening. It's definitely too hot for a midday tour in the warm-weather months.
Aug 26th, 1999, 09:00 AM
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Sedona is a truly beautiful place. Bring your film and a polarizing filter, if your camera can use one.

We took a sunset tour (which I assume is what the "pink jeep tour is".) They take you by jeep to an area that is not accessible by car and time it so that you can see the sun setting on the red rocks. The rocks take on an orange glow, as if they were on fire. We were not happy with our driver, because he mistimed the sunset, but I guess that could happen from time to time.

Make sure you visit the chapel on the hill. Although I'm not a religious person, this is a special spot which overlooks a wonderful panarama. Other questions, write me.
Aug 26th, 1999, 10:07 AM
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We took Pink Jeep Tours' Scenic Rim Tour and loved it. You see so many different landscapes. The sunset idea is a good one, with our schedule we had to do it mid-day but it is a great trip either way. Have fun in Arizona.
Sep 22nd, 1999, 08:21 AM
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I just wanted to give a follow-up report on the Pink Jeep Tour my husband and my mother in law and I took this past Saturday morning.

We arranged for a 9 am tour directly with Pink Jeep ahead of time. We chose the "Broken Arrow" tour which is advertised as their premier tour and is all about the 4x4 experience.

Our driver was Brian who is from Scotland - he's hoping to eventually start an adventuring school for the disabled and we hope it works out for him. He's an amazing person and really made our tour enjoyable.

When Pink Jeep tells you to be on time, they mean it! There were two other people scheduled for our tour and they were late so we left without them.

If you have any back problems or are pregnant, this is NOT the tour for you and they tell you ahead of time that you aren't supposed to go with these problems. Don't think you can hide it or everything will be fine. They aren't lying.

We started out the Broken Arrow trail and the first thing you do is go over a "speed bump" which is a couple of feet tall. Brian told us that they were spending so much time towing folks out whose trucks weren't up to the rigors of the trail that they installed the bump. If you can get over it, you can manage the rest of the trail. There are incredible views up there and we really enjoyed getting to walk around Submarine Rock. The most exciting part was driving down the "Road of No Return" - you can drive down it but not back up. We also stopped in to see the sink hole.

This tour was a lot of fun, but in retrospect, I probably would have enjoyed the Scenic Rim tour more. I don't mind the 4x4 driving but it's not something that excites me to no end. I imagine that we'll be back to Sedona one of these years and we'll try that one next time.

All things considered, I'd give this a grade of A-. The other two people it our party graded it a full A.
Sep 22nd, 1999, 02:26 PM
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Definitely take a Pink Jeep tour - we did the scenic rim and went on the early morning one. Our driver was wonderful and our companions were delightful. Our driver suggested a terrific place for us to eat that night which we did try. I wish I could remember the name of it, but it had something like "kitchen" in the title. All your senses were totally affected - small eating area on the patio with a little fountain, overhead heaters to take the chill off, outstanding food, soft classical music and just the best place. I will try to locate the name and pass it along. Have fun.
Sep 23rd, 1999, 04:15 AM
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There are several companies that offer jeep tours. They vary by itinerary and times. We took 2. One during the day and a sunset tour. The sunset tour let us see the sunset 3 times by driving to different vistas. No trip to Sedona is complete without a jeep tour. They all provide blankets to cover up with if it's chilly.
Have fun.

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