Seattle Weekend


Aug 9th, 2005, 07:55 AM
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Seattle Weekend

Spent a couple of days in Seattle, pre-cruise. Brought back good memories of when I was stationed at Fort Lewis back in 1969. The town has changed alot, but my most vivid memories of Mt. Ranier, the Space Needle and Pikes Market remained unchanged.

Stayed at the Fairmont Olympic, nice hotel but couldn't get excited considering the price. Not very user friendly, in our opinion, but it served the purpose.

Had a great dinner at the top of the Space Needle. It was perfect weather and we had great views of Seattle and Mt. Ranier. The food was suprisingly good considering it's pretty much a tourist place. It was fun riding the monorail to the old fairgrounds, looks real sixties, just like Flushing Meadows in New York.

Took a half day tour of the city and surrounding neighborhoods, then out to the Chittendam Locks, lots of salmon running.

At the end of the tour got dropped off at the waterfront, looked like a smaller version of Fisherman's Warf in San Francisco. We a good lunch at Elliot Bay on the waterfront, beautiful views on a mild sunny day.

Breakfast and lunch at Lowells in Pikes Market were great, sat on the second floor with table service and a nice window seat, again with great views of the bay. Very reasonable prices, breakfast ran about $10 per head, tax and tip included. (Surely beats the $30 per head breakfast at the Olympic Hotel.)

Our only disappointment were the many aggressive homeless people, particularly on Pike Street leading to the market. Had a different impression of Seattle, it reminded me of Manhattan back in the late 80's & early 90's.

We had a great weekend and a great cruise to Alaska. Hope it wodesn't take another 36 years to return to Seattle.

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