Searching in Seattle


Apr 13th, 1997, 02:53 PM
Daphne Nippard
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Searching in Seattle

I don't know if this is appropriate for this website
but,anyway i am searching for a position in the Health Care Field. As I am an RN-TNCC-ACLS-CCNC.I am very interested in living in Seattle,and have been informed that the odds of employment are nil.
If you can be of any assistance on employment or providing any tips on how to increase my chances of finding employment.

P.S. Currently working in Canada,and working in a special care unit.

Thank you Daphne Nippard
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Apr 19th, 1997, 05:52 PM
gary e
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i dont know who told yu no jobs. so many hospitals and clinics in sea area its goofy. only prob could be U.S. license? greater seattle area (seattle, tacoma, everett area has GOT to have a position for you. dont give up.
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Apr 20th, 1997, 03:11 PM
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Hello Daphne,
Do not be discouraged about your job search in the seattle area. There are plenty of RN positions in the area and surrounding Seattle area. Of course there are more positions available for the graveyard shifts. There will be a RN position-noc shift in the ER at Stevens Hospital opening soon-so watch for that. Stevens Hospital is in Edmonds, Wa. a few miles north of Seattle. Everett Wa-Providence hospital needs noc shift RN's in the ER also. Everett-Providenc hospital gets more trauma-level 2 ER. Stevens does not get as much critical trauma unless the patient is brought via friends, but they are a very busy ER. Don't forget the larger hospitals downtown Seattle- Harborview hospital, University of Washington Hospital, Swedish Hospital and Childrens Hospital. I wouldnt be surprised if each of these hospitals have RN openings especially in the critical care areas. Seattle is a beautiful area-Good Luck
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