Savannah Safety At Night

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Savannah Safety At Night

We will be staying at the Zeigler House on W Jones Street and we are wondering if Savannah is safe to explore at night? What areas should be stay away from? We are not getting in until early evening, so we would like to explore a bit...but only in safe areas. We would appreciate any guidance ..thank so much! The reason I ask, is that I have read on other forums that Savannah is not safe at night--which surprised me. Thanks!
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Curious how you chose that hotel. I hope you didn't fall for the pretty false advertising on their web site that states they are "in the heart of the historic district". Certainly not what most visitors would consider the heart of the touristed area.

Unless something has changed, I would not walk around in that area after dark.
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Zeigler House is on Jones Street at Barnard, in the same block as Mrs. Wilkes Boarding House restaurants, one of Savannah's top places to eat. The Bull Street corridor is a great walking thoroughfare from City Hall (on Bay STreet) to Forsyth Park at Gaston Street. The charm of any popular city can also draw those who pray on tourists, sadly. It's simply common sense -- don't carry a tote or purse. Whatever you need after hours typically will fit in a pocket. Don't wear flashy jewelry. Take along a little flashlight, if you're new to the area. There are tree canopies all across the historic district, but most streets are pretty well lit. If in doubt, get the number for the pedi-cab (bikers who will pedal you about for tips-only).
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I would say, the location is just still o.k., but if you go in western direction, it gets seedy.

We felt pretty safe walking at night through the historic district (yes, Zeigler is in the heart of the historic neighborhood) and through Forsyth Park. However, the area northwest of Zeigler's location is dubious.

There is a free shuttle bus that runs exactly through this part of town and my son's watch was stolen during this ride. I would not board this shuttle bus again (not just because a cheap watch was lost).
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Savannah is not safe to EXPLORE at night - emphasis for a reason. The actual Historic District is quite small - despite what ads call the Historic District. It is safe to walk around this very small area. However, just blocks in any direction (except perhaps the River) is potentially quite dangerous. And it is difficult to map which few blocks I am talking about. For example, Immediate area of Forsyth Park is OK' River Street along the Savannah River is fine. But I would not walk between the two.

My son lived in Savannah for 5 years, 3 of them in sketchy areas (the finances of a college student to blame) - and all within easy walking distance of the "Historic District". His last rental was 3 blocks from Forsyth Park. And after they got to know Savannah well, as 3 adult males, they were not comfortable walking at night in much of Savannah. I vitied him once and got lost (in a car) going from his house to my hotel - and at 11 PM was terrified.

He never had any crime problems, however - I attribute this to luck and sense. Treat Savannah like a much larger city - if you are walking, know where you are going and take city precautions. Do not wander and "explore"

Save you explorations for day time - there is some incredible architecture outside the official Historic District - great places to take photos.
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We stayed at the Zeigler House Inn just this past April and never felt unsafe. The only time we felt in the least bit unsafe was when we took a walk down to Forsyth Park at night to explore a little since we had not had a chance to do it earlier. We observed cop cars patrolling slowing around the area which gave us the creeps a little bit so we cut our stroll short. But like everyone else said, you need to be cautious at night especially in areas like a park which isn't well lit. We walked every night down into the area where the restaurants & entertainment took place, along with many other couples. The street is a straight shot down and very well lit. I loved staying there because it was in a quiet residential part of the historic district. I don't know why people are telling you it is not in the historic district--just because it's not in the heart of the restaurant/entertainment part of the district. It was a great location. We had the best of both worlds--quiet, yet close to everything we needed to do.
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Google maps show it to be located at Jones and Whittaker, which is in the historic district. I agree with traveller1959 that it gets seedy west of there. I also agree with Gail that exploring at night (as opposed to walking a few blocks to a restaurant where you know exactly where you're going) is not a good idea. Again, be aware of your surroundings, know where you're going, and use common sense.
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Amy thoughts on safety in the area of the Residence Inn in the Historic District? I understand it just recently opened, so I would assume it would be in a 'safe' area. Being of a certain age, we probably would not be out after 11PM or so.
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Everytime I have been to Savannah, which is too many to count, I have walked around at night. Sometimes even after midnight. I do follow certain rules though.

I never walk alone.
I always know where I am going.
I walk with a purpose, not like I am lost or wandering around in a daze.
I am always aware of my surroundings and not afraid to change the side of the street I am on or change my direction. (since the city is laid out in blocks this isn't hard to do)

I have never felt unsafe there and think as long as you use common sense you should be fine.
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We lived in Savannah for 4 years. Downtown. I absolutely love the city, and would walk just about anywhere in the daytime (even then not carrying a purse), but not after dark. Too much happened, we knew of too many incidents, including some of my husband's employees, just walking a couple of blocks to their cars at night near the intersection of Bay and 1 block west of Bull. I worked out at the DAC, and would quite literally run the two blocks home after a night class. Friends who lived on Perry, just a few blocks away, took their car. Walking around City Market at night is OK. Likewise River Street, but unfortunately, that is all we felt comfortable doing after dark. Too bad. We love the city...have even thought about returning after DH retires, but it wouldn't be to downtown.
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