savannah-Radisson or Marriott


May 25th, 2003, 10:53 AM
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savannah-Radisson or Marriott

We can get a goverment discount at both. Marriott-89.00 and the Radisson-78.00 in August. Which is nicer, cleaner, better location?
Any other suggestions? 2 adults, 2 kids. I would like a B&B but I do not think that is a good idea with kids. I would like something somewhat quaint, but above all else it needs to be clean and nice.
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May 25th, 2003, 12:09 PM
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Between those two, I would prefer the Marriott for one reason: it is right on the river and the freighters you'll be able to watch from your room are amazing.

My husband ran the Hyatt, also on the river at the other end of the Historic district from the Marriott. Their regular roomrate is quite a bit higher, but you could bid them on Priceline. I'd recommend that, bidding a 3* for the downtown area, could get any one of 4 hotels, the Marriott, Hyatt, Radisson, or Hilton and although they're all rated 3*, they are not all equal.

The Hilton is older, and although in the heart of the historic district, if you are staying in a hotel, you might as well be on the river, yet still in the midst of things. It wasn't equal either...that one goes for $50 something on PCLN whereas both the Marriott and Hyatt go from 70 to 90. Makes it hard bidding when you could bid $90 hoping for the Hyatt or Marriott and end up instead with Hilton. But...that's an option for you, if you are willing to risk it.

The Raddison has been built since we left. (Actually, the Marriott started life as a Raddison too!) It is located across Bay St so you wouldn't have a prayer of seeing much of the river. Buildings on the north side of Bay will block your view, plus the river is down a bluff from Bay St, so you must be on the north side of that street at least, to have good views of it.

As I wrote the above, another PCLN drawback occurred to me, so perhaps it's best not to get the room through them. If you were to get Marriott or Hyatt on PCLN, and the hotel was close to being full, the odds of you being given a riverview room are slim to nil...defeating the purpose of staying there to begin with....

So, Marriott if you can't also get the gov't discount at Hyatt, but don't know why you couldn't. Between those two, in truth, although of course I AM biased, )) on this point, the Hyatt was considered the better hotel of the two. We got all the major social functions and were just a bit closer to most of what is happening in Savannah. It has only one strike against it from your standpoint that I can see. You are going in August, an incredibly hot and humid month, and Marriott has an outdoor pool, where Hyatt's is inside and in truth...seemed to me to be somewhat of an after thought. (I might be biased, but above all that, I'm honest )

Good luck..wherever you stay, you are bound to enjoy it and bound to spend very little time in your room anyway!
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