Santa Fe - Spas and Psychics


Jun 21st, 1997, 08:45 AM
Marcela Landres
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Santa Fe - Spas and Psychics

Hello there,

I'm heading off to Santa Fe for the very first time come August. I've always heard about Santa Fe's great spas, and how New Agey the area is. However, I've only come across one (just one!) spa in Fodor's Santa Fe guide, and no mention of any New Agey attactions at all (though I rather under the ommision of the latter).

Does anyone know of any other great spas in the Santa Fe area other than Ten Thousand Waves? And has anyone ever consulted a reputable psychic/astrology/advisor in the Santa Fe area? I'd settle for a cool New Agey gift shop.

Thanks in advance for your comments/suggestions!

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Jul 16th, 1997, 03:24 PM
Miranda Sanova
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To be honest there aren't any other spas in Sanat Fe
other that 10,000 Waves. It is a very nice spa, however.
As for New Age stuff, well go to Trader Jacks flea market,
you should find stuff there. It is just norht of SFe
by the opera house. For a gift shop, try going to the
Concrete Jungle on Guadalupe St. Just across from Fabio's
Grill, But Don't Eat at Fabio's. It is really bad, when I ate
there, I had flies and hair in my food. YUK!!!
Hope you find what you're looking for!!
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May 19th, 1999, 01:04 PM
hot tub johnny
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I've your looking for new age then g hitchhicking in the Sante Fe area like I did. I met an old Naze shaman who taught me the ways of native american voodoo, and taking a spiritual journey without the magic mushroom. This is what you must do, but be prepared, if you want to truly go within, you might not get back out!
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May 19th, 1999, 07:25 PM
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for all things new age in Santa Fe check out The Ark bookstore - you'll find lots of stuff there - it is on a small laneway called Romero Street off of Agua Fria Street. also check in at Wild Oats at St. Francis/Cordova for listings, magazines on what's going on/available when you're there. Santa Fe is a mecca for new age goings on/healers, etc. 10,000 Waves is wonderful.
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May 20th, 1999, 11:14 AM
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10,000 Waves really is great. Several of the hotels have spa service in Santa Fe, too. For a more down-to-earth spa feel, try Jemez Springs (a town outside Santa Fe) or Ojo Caliente, both natural mineral springs. You could also call the Navajo Tourist Office and ask about Navajo guides who offer sweat lodges.
You have some good leads on New Age (and by the way, 10,000 Waves can be very New Age -- i once had a hypnotherapist-masseur who specializes in past life regression) -- you may also want to check out the Light Institute in Galisteo (just south of Santa Fe), which is Shirley Maclean's Santa Fe HQ.
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