Sanibel and Captiva Island-help!!!! URGENT!


Mar 9th, 1998, 05:59 PM
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Sanibel and Captiva Island-help!!!! URGENT!

Hi! I'm staying at the South Seas Plantation Resort and Yacht Harbor in April. Does anyone know about the region: restaurants, attractions, advice on shell seeking? I'd love any info you can offer. Thanks!
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Mar 10th, 1998, 02:55 AM
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Hi Karen. Have a great time, South Seas is a wonderful place. Lots of great boating. I am pretty familiar with the restaurants. The Kings Crown at South Seas and the Mad Hatter are two of the finer restaurants in Florida. Tell Chef Harold at Kings Crown that Michael Shallies recommended him to you over the internet. He will get a thrill and will definitely take good care of you. Neither one of these places are cheap but the dining experiences are awesome. I have been hearing great things about Tropical Terrace Grill. The Bubble Room (great eclectic decorations) and the Mucky Duck (casual pub on the water) are two long running institutions that are a lot of fun. There are a number of other good restaurants in the area. Enjoy!
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Mar 10th, 1998, 05:27 AM
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We visited South seas 10yrs ago. At that time the bubble room was great fun; we took all the boat rides: Useppa, upper captiva, etc. that SOuth Seas offered & we really enjoyed them. I understand that the Darling nature preserve is very interesting.
I would get hold of a triple A book & see any red starred attractions. I have travelled a bit esp. in Fla. & have found their recommendations to be excelent. By the way, all Fla. state parks are usually lovely if you are looking for natural beauty.
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Mar 13th, 1998, 07:25 PM
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ideas for your trip: agree with Michael about Mad Hatter & Kings Crown. The Bubble Room's amusing but food is ultra mediocre IMHO. You can really just walk to most of the fun restaurants in Captiva. I love the Lazy Flamingo (original divey type one) near the bridge from Sanibel to Captiva (right across from Mad H). I would hire a guide to take me flats fishing in Pine Island Sound. He can take you to see some beautiful sites if you like nature (manatees, floating pelican island, bald eagle and osprey nests), catch and clean your fish and take it to the Lazy Flamingo & have them prepare it for you. Do the crab races at Tween Waters Inn, which is also on Captiva. That's about it for nightlife...this island is about nature, relaxing and la dolce far niente...(how sweet to do nothing). Sanibel restaurant hint (not in guide books): Mangia e Bevi: Italian restaurant that is on the porch..good wines, better food.
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