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mike Mar 17th, 2002 05:18 AM

San Francisco : Tiburon vs. Sausalito
Hello,<BR>Will need advise on which is better place to go given limited time, Tiburon or Sausalito?

Neil Mar 17th, 2002 05:52 AM

Perhaps I missed something in Tiburon, but there's more to do and see in Sausalito than Tiburon, although Sausalito is definitely more touristy.

xxx Mar 17th, 2002 08:18 AM

Take the ferry over to Sausilito. It's an easy little town to walk around and by taking the ferry you don't have to hassle with parking. Yes, it's touristy, but has it's charms. Plenty of little restaurants to choose from.

Christa Mar 17th, 2002 08:44 AM

Sausalito !<BR><BR>

gail Mar 17th, 2002 11:40 AM

Sausalito has more shopping and places to stroll and watch the water.I like the quirky little shops there. It is more lively that Tiburon.

kam Mar 17th, 2002 12:00 PM

Yes, Sausalito, although Tiburon does have a wonderful Mexican restaurant called Guyamas with great views.

Nina Mar 17th, 2002 12:01 PM

Sausalito. It is a wonderful little town, but go on a weekday if possible. It is a madhouse on weekends, especially Sundays.

mike Mar 19th, 2002 02:51 PM

thanks for all the reply, looking forward to our april 2002 visit to San Francisco.

Faina Mar 19th, 2002 03:08 PM

The drive from Tiburon to the city is so much longer, you'll be glad to stay in Sausalito.

kam Mar 19th, 2002 06:40 PM

Faina, I guess we all anticipated that they would take a ferry to either Sausalito or Tiburon.

janis Mar 19th, 2002 10:56 PM

The main advantage to Tiburon (besides Guyamas) is it is the access point to Angel Island. If you want the BEST views in the Bay area take the 5 minuts ferry from Tiburon to Angel Island. You will see all the bridges, Alcatraz, all of SF, Berkeley, etc. I love walking around Angel Island!<BR><BR>If you just want to eat then Sausalito is great - but for scenery Tiburon/Angel Island is better. The ferry from SF is timed perfectly to have time for a margarita at Guyammas before you catch the launch over to the island. And the return trip is coordinated as well.

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