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DebitNM Jan 13th, 2010 07:25 AM

San Francisco Segway tours
Have you done one? Which company did you use? Tell me all about it.

Did you rent on your own or go on a group tour one.?

I am thinking about doing one, but would prefer one that goes places other than Fishermans Wharf. Not sure any do. I have looked at writeup on TripAdvisor. Interested in what Fodorites think. Thanks

maj Jan 13th, 2010 08:12 AM

I actually posted the following on trip advisor in fall 2008. Not sure if anything has changed since then. I would add in answer to your question that it was a fun thing to do, but we also went at a time when it wasn't busy (Monday morning) so our group was small (not sure if that matters except that the training time might be longer with a larger group). They also let us take a "bathroom break" at Washington Square --we went into a coffee shop there and got a drink also. I think you do it for the experience of riding a segway, not as an actual tour of the city (or any part of it). We were first interested in the one on Angel Island, but didn't have the time available for that one.

We took a SF Electric Co.Guided Segway Tour.
The staff and tour guide were great. I was a little concerned about riding in traffic, but that wasn't a problem at all for us. It doesn't take the place of a city tour if that is what you are looking for (we had already done that). There were some places we stopped, but they don't want you taking pictures or using cell phones while riding.(safety) They will take your picture on the segway with your camera (or phone) or email one to you (no charge by the way). It was a different way to see some areas -- we went down alleyways on FW and in North Beach.

There is a pouch on the front that was big enough to put a purse in, but you can't wear a backpack while riding. (they will keep it there for you). There are also transmitters of some kind in each segway so you can hear the tour guide as you ride around.

I can't think of a thing I can complain about -- either about the tour or the company. We found them very professional and concerned about making it a safe, entertaining and fun experience.

It was actually more fun than we had anticipated and one of our favorite things that we did while there. I was a little nervous at first, but it becomes a part of you while riding. Would definitely like to do it again.

Kailani Jan 13th, 2010 08:42 AM

DebitNM, the tours are sometimes half price on Goldstar, which makes the experience a lot more appealing.

I haven't taken the tour, but I've seen them, and it looks like fun.

spirobulldog Jan 13th, 2010 09:34 AM

We did one with SF Electric Company as a group. I enjoyed it and my daughter did. I think my wife was a little nervous to enjoy it. Your feet kinda burn after standing in the same place for an hour. I don't think I would go "on my own" until I had riden with someone an hour or so on it. They are a little more tricky than what you might think. Nothing really, I would compare it to riding a motorcycle the first time. The tour guide did have a lot of info about SF.

SAB Jan 13th, 2010 10:37 AM

Deb, the only non-wharf tours that the Electric Company does are Sausalito and one that is billed as an advance hill --apparently you need to have ridden a Segway before and from the description it goes through North Beach and down Lombard in addition to the Wharf. I see these tours going through the Wharf almost every day--and although they are annoying to us drivers when we are stuck behind a group--the people seem to be having fun. Given that you have been to SF before, the Sausalito one might be more interesting for you.

spirobulldog Jan 13th, 2010 12:54 PM

the tour that SAB describes is the tour that we took, and it is fun. They did allow a break of about 20 minutes at a park (four square park, or something like that). I don't think the sights that we saw were anything fantastic, you are just concentrating on having fun on the segway. They actually do go fairly fast if you lean all the way forward. The getting off of them is what is a little tricky, the first few times.

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