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Sam Dec 20th, 1999 11:25 AM

San Fran-Hotel? Where? What? How?
I know it is a common post but I need to know of inexpensive Hotel in San Fran for 2nd weekend of Y2000. I will be there for a weekend and need clean, safe yet iexpensive hotel---nothing fancy. (Short Notice). I have heard mention of Union Square, please mentioned inexpensive hotels. Also please mention other areas and hotels. Also, please give any ideas on what to do. Another need is transportation from airport to San Fran. I believe BART or CALTRAIN runs into the city. THanks

james Dec 21st, 1999 08:50 AM

The Hotel Essex on Ellis Street is very reasonably priced.

Emily Dec 21st, 1999 12:14 PM

If you are staying in a Union Square hotel, there are shuttle buses at the airport that take you there and circle the Square (?) making hotel drop-offs. As I recall, it only costs $10-$12. You can also take the public bus, but a hotel shuttle would get you there so much faster that I think it would be worth the extra money.

Parrot Mom Dec 22nd, 1999 06:09 AM

Just came back from S.F. and for second time stayed at the Andrews Hotel on Post Street...just a block or two from Union Square...very european...huge continenta breakfast outside your room each a.m., glass of wine in the attached rest. evenings and a fixedprice menu for guests of $19.99...all in all a great bargain and great food...write for more info..Oh yes, they never advertise, it's all word of mouth.

Jill Dec 26th, 1999 07:48 AM

We caught the Super Shuttle to our hotel from the airport (and back). Cost about $11/each. Just ask in the airport, they'll direct you toward the shuttle stop. Stayed at the Hotel Vintage Court for a very reasonable price which we found through a discount hotel website.

Sandy Dec 29th, 1999 02:05 PM

WARNING: Neither BART nor CalTrans go to or from SFO (yet)! Look for Super Shuttle Van Service (you may need an advance pick-up reservation), or just jump in a taxi, (1/2 hour ride to downtown SF). Suggestions to do that weekend? Go window shopping in Union Square (although some areas a block or two off the square are a bit grungy), take the cable car to Fisherman's Wharf (you can catch it on Powell Street), treat yourself to an Irish Coffee at the Buena Vista, from there walk to the Cannery and/or Ghiradelli Square for more shopping (and eating!) and on down along the waterfront to the Wharf(a lot of SF Maritime history)(and stop for a fresh crab treat from the wharf crab vendors), or the Red & White Fleet (or Blue & Gold) boat for a tour of the Bay, and don't forget about Chinatown! Pier 39 is a fun place to be a tourist. Whew! Want some culture? I recommend The Legion of Honor Museum (at Lincoln Park - a bit out of the way but one of the best in the country - and Lincoln Park has a great golf course) or the DeYoung Museum (in Golden Gate Park - the aquarium is there, too, also OUTSTANDING!). Don't forget to check out what theatre may be in town for an evening entertainment. S.F. isn't the No. 1 travel destination for nothing! Have a great time!

kam Dec 29th, 1999 03:00 PM

For very up to date travel, hotel recommendations and cultural events in SF check with My favorite recommendation is the San Remo in North Beach, but you need to share baths and there are no TVs. Wonderful location though. Super Shuttle is the best way of reaching the city.

B.P. Dec 29th, 1999 03:44 PM

A great bargain: the Capri Motel, just off Union Street (lots of great shopping, restaurants, clubs and people watching, convenient to everything else in SF) It's something like $60 with AAA rate. Definitely not fancy but perfectly clean and comfortable and the location is superb. Used to love the Laurel Motor Inn but I hear Joie de Vivre chain bought it and I imagine it's either under renovation or more expensive now. <BR> <BR>A friend has also had surprisingly good luck just picking up one of the coupon books at the airport and finding places. <BR> <BR>The San Remo is also nice. they have one "penthouse" with its own bathroom but it's sublime, so usually not available. <BR> <BR>Definitely agree w/ the Museum of the Legion of Honor recommendation -- worth it just for the view from the parking lot. Just walking around Russian Hill and people-watching in North Beach (the traditionally Italian area) is all the entertainment I need. Stop at Mario's Bohemian Cigar Store Cafe in North Beach for a wonderful sandwich and espresso.

Ruth Dec 30th, 1999 06:06 AM

The Chancellor Hotel on Union Square is another respectable, reasonably priced hotel. Rooms are small. The Vintage Court is nice, our room was larger, but I imagine it is more than the Chancellor.

Patrick Dec 30th, 1999 12:35 PM

I agree with BP above. The first three times in S.F. we stayed near Union Square in very nice hotels. Since then we have been staying out on Union Street, renting an apartment for a month once and staying at Cow Hollow Suites (full apartments, but not cheap) since. There are a number of very nice "motels"in the area, and it is a vibrant, wonderful youngish (30's mainly) crowd, fun shops, great restaurants (of course, that sums up S.F.) and on a simple bus line direct to Fisherman's Wharf, North Beach, Chinatown, and Union Square. We left our car at the apartment and rode the busses. Inexpensive in that area means nice, motel type facilities. Inexpensive in Union Square means "flop house". And please realize there is no relation between Union Street and Union Square. If you can, don't miss Beach Blanket Babylon, a cabaret show that is a S.F. institution and more fun than you could ever imagine possible in one short evening.

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