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LisaB Mar 17th, 2003 09:07 AM

San Diego Marriott or Hyatt
I'm attending a conference in San Diego (convention center) in early May. <BR><BR>Hotel choices are the Mariott Marina and the Manchester Grand Hyatt.<BR><BR>Any advice on which hotel is nicer would be appriciated.<BR><BR>Thanks

walkabout Mar 17th, 2003 12:59 PM

It's pretty much six on one hand and half a dozen on the other. I would probably give a slight preference to the Marriott because the Hyatt is currently under construction. Also, I think that in general, the service at Marriott Hotels is better. The Marriott is also adjacent to the convention center. (However, the Hyatt is so close to it that that alone would not affect my decision).<BR> <BR>For more input, please check the reviews of both hotels in the &quot;Rants and Raves&quot; section on this website and at

Tess Mar 17th, 2003 02:53 PM

My two cents: stay at the Marriott but have a drink at the bar on the top of the Hyatt. The two properties are literally next door to one another so proximity to the convention center shouldn't be a big deal either way.

lenleigh Mar 18th, 2003 03:08 PM

Stayed at the marriott last August and have booked it again for a upcoming vacation. The two hotels are pretty much next door to each other but the Marriott is right across from the Convention Center. Can't say what they Hyatt is like inside. The inside of the Marriott is nice, great pool, the rooms are not luxuirous but are nice and if you get a view of the bay it is well worth it. Just to look out every morning and watching boats and Navy Ships passing by was fun and it overlooks the pool as well. As the other poster mentioned I do remember even back in August there was construction going on at or near the Hyatt. If you stay at the Hyatt you can walk along Seaport Village to get to the Convention Center. <BR><BR>You can see my picts at this link of the marriott. <BR><BR>

traveldude Mar 18th, 2003 05:31 PM

Stay at both a lot throughout the year depending on where I get the best deal. Here are my observations. The Hyatt has nicer rooms and a nicer lobby - the Marriot is much bigger for now (two towers and adjoining lobby/conference section) until construction is over at the Hyatt. Marriot has a bigger pool and more outdoor activities (courts). Marriot is next door to the convention center the Hyatt is next to the Marriot, but they are big properties. Restaurant wise the Hyatt is a notch better. The Hyatt is next to Seaport Village - little shops and overpriced restaurants. I find service to be the same but generally I find that Hyatts are nicer than Marriots throughout the country this one no exception.

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