San Antonio, Texas to Carlsbad, NM


Dec 14th, 2016, 06:50 AM
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San Antonio, Texas to Carlsbad, NM


After many years, my wife and I are making a return visit to Texas in late March of 2017. We will be flying into the Dallas area and renting a vehicle. We will work our way down to San Antonio visiting various places along the way. Our original plan was to then drive to New Mexico to see some sights and eventually to the Phoenix, AZ area before flying home.

After researching distances etc., I have concerns with the drive from San Antonio up to Carlsbad, NM. We were going to take interstate 10 west to Pecos and then route 285 up to Carlsbad. Some of the distances between towns are quite lengthy. From those of you who may have driven this route, can you provide some idea as to the terrain and what to expect? I did notice there are several ghost towns on the route. We may decide to change our plans and skip the New Mexico/Arizona portion this time around.

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Dec 14th, 2016, 07:32 AM
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What would be a bug for you would be a feature for me. Living on the east coast means there is literally no where I can go except maybe Northern Maine where I can drive 90 miles without civilization.

A few years ago, we drove through some very empty parts of the Navajo Nation, and it was wonderful. My dream was to go to Marfa, but it appears to be full of people from Brooklyn.

If you can stand being out of cell-phone coverage, and it's no criticism if you can't, go for it!

Advice based on reading "No Country for Old Men": if you come across a bunch of shot up cars and dead people out in the middle of nowhere and find a briefcase full of money near them, just close it back up, get back in your car, and drive on down the road. Not serious but I couldn't resist!
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Dec 14th, 2016, 09:03 AM
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How much time do you have and do still plan to fly out of Phoenix?
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Dec 18th, 2016, 02:01 PM
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We did that trip several years ago . . we took US 90 instead of I-10 just so see something other than pavement. Joined back up with I-10 at Ft. Stockton. It's a little slower, but much more enjoyable.

Terrain is mostly flat, desert country. Lots of small towns . . some ghost and some near ghost.

We made a rule to never let the gas get below half full, but finding gas or supplies was not an issue.
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