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bruno (french) Apr 8th, 1999 09:31 PM

San Antonio for 3 days
Hi, I'll fly from KC to Dallas and drive to San Antonio in may 7,8 and 9. Is Austin a place to stay for a night ? what to see around San Antonio ? Is it a good idea to come back to Dallas by Houston and Galveston ? or is it better to go to Corpus Christi or to spend the 3 days in San Antonio ?? Thank you very much.

Paul Rabe Apr 9th, 1999 07:59 AM

Downtown Austin has GREAT nightlife and it would be a shame NOT to spend the night there. In San Antonio see: Riverwalk (night and day), Alamo (for history's sake if nothing else), other missions, Art Museum, shopping, downtown architecture, Buckhorn Exchange. <BR> <BR>Corpus is a nice place for a day or so but I think you'll find plenty to do in San Antonio. As for Houston/Galveston, I cannot imagine ANY reason you'd want to leave San Antonio to go there. For a city its size, Houston is (IMO) by FAR the least desirable city to visit in the entire U.S.

Christie Apr 9th, 1999 10:13 AM

I'd suggest just concentrating on San Antonio. Drive time from Dallas to SA is just 4 hours at most, so you'll easily be able to make it there without having to stop for the night. (Austin is very fun, but with just 3 days, it's better to get where you're going!) <BR> <BR>San Antonio has LOTS of things to see and do! Look at any of the tour websites or local guides and just choose your favorites. Personally, I love to go see the old missions and the Zoo is fabulous, too. You can easily spend the entire time in San Antonio and be very happy. <BR> <BR>DON'T try to come back through Houston unless you just want to drive around the state! The drive from San Antonio to Houston is about 4 hours, and then from Houston to Dallas is another 4 hours. That's 8 hours on the road without even allowing any time to stop and see things in Houston! Better to just come straight back and have more time in SA. <BR> <BR>Have you considered adding a leg onto your flight and just going direct to San Antonio? It's not that much more $, and it would certainly save you considerable driving time! <BR> <BR>Good Luck!

raeona Apr 9th, 1999 09:44 PM

I didn't read carefully enuf thru your inquiry, and the responses, I admit -- and San Antonio, nad the missions, are certainly worth some time. But If you have little more time, head north and west from SA towards the Hill Country. It's not ...."a knockout," by some standards, but for's a pretty good stretch into something scenic and different...There are (over-touristed) spots like Fredricksburg (which are just some folks thing)...or way less visted towns like Blanco or Johnson City, with some fun spots to browse, nonetheless. And, if you make the jaunt, Pedernales National Park rewards with an interesting hike over towards the water (just remember, ifyou're from Kansas) to head those Flash Flood Warnings.!!

Jud Compton Apr 10th, 1999 12:51 PM

Agree with everything about San Antonio. <BR> <BR>But--just to be diffefent--I'll suggest President Lyndon Johnson Library in Austin. Moody Gardens in Galveston with IMAX and some historical places. NASA just outside Houston (especially for kids. <BR> <BR>In San Antonio, we also like La Villita with its small shops (especially the glass blower).

Carol Apr 10th, 1999 03:39 PM

Since you'll be in SA in May, I would highly recommend that you head over to New Braunfels for at least an afternoon and go river rafting. <BR> <BR>We used to live in Houston (for 7 yrs.) and would visit San Antonio about 4 times a year for long's just about my favorite city (besides San Fran...). <BR> <BR>I would avoid the Houston jaunt and stick between S.A. and possibly Austin. <BR>But, San Antonio definitely has enough to keep you happy for 3 days. <BR>

Ann Apr 10th, 1999 07:51 PM

Must sees in San Antonio: <BR>1. The Riverwalk <BR>2. The Alamo <BR>3. The Tower Of The Americas <BR>4. La Villita <BR>5. The Rivercenter Mall <BR>6. A boat cruise on The Riverwalk <BR>Have fun, there is alot to do in San Antonio.

Linda Apr 10th, 1999 09:02 PM

If you are there on Sunday, go to the Mariachi Mass at Mission San Jose at noon. Be sure to eat at Mi Tierra in the Market area downtown (tourist & local tradition). Paesano's is good for Italian (just a little north of downtown). Take the river cruise (small river & boat) but fun & nice. Austin is a good place to visit, with the Capitol, 6th street, etc. SA is a fun place. Houston/Galveston is a good 3-4 hour drive from SA & should be saved for another time.

Tomi May 2nd, 1999 09:34 AM

<BR>I live in Houston, and I agree with those who suggested you spend your time in SA. That is my favorite place to go in Texas (with Austin, New Braunfels and the Hill Country not far behind). If I had 3 days and it was my 1st time in the area, I would do the following: Drive down I35 and stop in Austin and see the Capitol (it's really big!) Possibly take in the Lyndon B. Johnson library (if you're into that). Get back on I35 nad head into New Braunfels and go to a little "town" that's called Gruene (now it's part of NB). Have lunch or dinner at The Grist Mill restaurant right alongside the Guadalupe River and stop in at Gruene Hall, a historic landmark because it's the oldest "dance hall" in Texas. In Gruene, you can just park the car and walk because everything is in CLOSE proximity. You can also raft from here (try Rockin R River Rafters). Gruene can be a "quick-stop" or an all-day affair n your way to San Antonio. In San Antonio, do the things that have been previously mentioned in other posts, but before you go to the Alamo, go to the IMAX theater (it's at Rivercenter Mall, within walking distance of the Alamo). See their film, "The Alamo". It will really help you appreciate the Alamo A LOT more. It's a great film and is only about 40 minutes long. And definitely take a river taxi ride. Enjoy your trip!

bruno May 11th, 1999 06:28 AM

We are back from our weekend in San Antonio. Thank's a lot Paul, Christie, Raeona, Jude, Carol, Ann, JLinda, Tomi. I think we did all of what you suggest us to do, it was a really great weekend. We meet bill Clinton in Austin Friday night, we stop in New braunfels on the way to SA. We spend the Saturday in San Antonio, we went to the mission on Sunday mornig and came back to Dallas by stopping in Fredericksburg and Johnson City. <BR>Thank you.

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