Route much is still there?

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Route much is still there?

My family is planning an extensive driving trip from Ohio to California. We will be 'meandering' rather than rushing to get there. Does anyone know if the old route 66 is still in existence? We'd like to drive part of it that is still there. Any suggestions or info will be greatly appreciated. Thanks
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Kingman,Az. is a good place to get a good look at`s a website for and some and good luck and hope it helps..PBS also ha a documentary on about it a while...
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There are two short stretches of rt. 66 in Gallup, NM and Flagstaff, Az. There is a fairly good stretch (70 miles or so) between Seligman, Az and Kingman, Az.That stretch of rt 66 is a fairly good representation of what the road was like in its glory days.
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Get a copy of Michael Wallis' "The Mother Road," read it before you leave and take it with you on the trip. There is much of the old road to be found, and the past will come alive with this book in hand. We've driven most of old Route 66 and had a blast doing so, have fun.
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I agree that you should drive route 66 from Seligman to Kingman. It is probably the most real representation of what route 66 was like in the good old days.
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You might want to make a stop at the Route 66 Diner in Albuquerque. It's fairly modern but with '50s decor and blue-plate specials.
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Not that this will help Wanderer, but if any Route 66 fans are in the Boston area this summer, the Museum of our National Heritage in Lexington, MA is hosting an exhibit about the history and current status of this great highway. It's a wonderful exhibit and brought back memories of the time my family did drive from LA to Chicago on Rt. 66 (I was 9).
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One of the more memorable follies of my youth was driving in 1947 from Chicago to LA in a 1941 Plymouth...non-stop. Three of us -- one driving, one sleeping, and the other doing his best to keep the driver awake -- made the trip in under three days. As reported above, a piece of the old road still exists west of Seligman, AZ. Most of the route, however, lies somewhere underneath Interstate 40.
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Arizona has the longest stretch of uninterrupted Rt 66 (150 miles, I believe), which I drove a few weeks ago. In Williams, visit Twisters for lunch and gifts and in Seligman, visit the Sno-Cap Drive-in. In Kingman, go to the Powerhouse Visitor's Center, which has a great museum about the history of the road. It's also HQ for people who are trying to preserve the road. Not to be missed is Oatman, a former mining town outside of Kingman that looks like the old west and has wild burros roaming the streets.
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closer to your home in ohio, there is a section of route 66 in Litchfield, Illinois. it is just several blocks off of I-55. i only found out after i-55 was closed due to explosion. they rerouted us through Litchfield right on route 66. cool.

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