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Samantha Nov 9th, 2000 05:16 PM

Romance in Boston!!! husband & I are going to Boston <BR>for romance!!! We are looking for a 'top-of- the-line' hotel and the absolute best restaurants. What are your favorites?

betsy Nov 10th, 2000 03:53 AM

The Four Seasons is a wonderful hotel and would be my choice! Rooms are expensive, but since you are looking for "top of the line" I assume budget is not a problem??? The Boston Harbor Hotel on the waterfront is very nice also. For restaraunts, Aujourdui in the Four Seasons is one of Boston's top restaraunts and it has a nice, romantic atmosphere. I hear lots of great things about the Ritz also, but havent been yet. Anybody have any other suggestions????

John Nov 10th, 2000 05:28 AM

I second the Boston Harbor Hotel. I would add the Bay Tower Room which is nearby. Great view, food and atmosphere. <BR>Be prepared for big $. <BR>My wife and I spent a weekend there and it was "magical"

charles Nov 10th, 2000 08:44 AM

You do realize that a top of the line hotel in Boston will be close to $500 a night, and up? Also a top of the line restaurant will run close to $80 a person? If your budget is below that, please post it and we will come up with what's good at that price. <BR> <BR>In the unlimited range, for hotels I would recommend the Eliot, the Four Seasons, the Ritz, the Bostonian, or XV Beacon. XV Beacon is probably the fanciest. All have slightly different feels - 4 seasons is rock stars and dot com millionaires (Back Bay), Eliot is intimate and European Style (Back Bay), Ritz is traditional and conservative (back bay), Bostonian is modern (Faneuil Hall), XV Beacon is favored by the wealthy and hip, and visitng minor Royalty (Beacon Hill) <BR> <BR>The restaurants attached to these Hotels are some of the best in Boston. 4 Seasons - AUjour d'hui. Eliot - CLio. Ritz - The Dining Room. XV Beacon - The Federalist. Bostonian - I forget, but its excellent. Other superb restaurants are Radius and No. 9 Park. <BR> <BR>I hope this is useful. All of these are superb, and all are VERY expensive.

charles Nov 10th, 2000 08:45 AM

I should have said, if it was up to me, and I had no Budget, I would stay at XV Beacon, and eat at Aujour d'hui, Radius, and No. 9 Park

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