Restaurants in Kauai

Jul 6th, 2000, 08:54 AM
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Restaurants in Kauai

I am going with my family to Kauai in about a week and am wondering if anyone had any restaurant recommendations? I have been there before, and two restaurants I remember are Tahiti Nui (which we liked) and A Pacific Cafe (which we didn't). Any other thoughts of places not to miss, whether cheap or expensive? Thanks.
Jul 6th, 2000, 12:01 PM
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Agree w/ A Pacific Cafe review...a bit overrated, but OK. Now, we just "do" appetizers there and people watch.

We've had good luck at Mema's (Thai+), Hong Kong Cafe, Cafe Coco, Eggberts (for breakfast), Kintaro's (great sushi, etc.), Margarita's(fish tacos),
Korean BBQ, The Beach House(get reservations for a "sunset table"), Keoki's (hula pie!), Brennke's(cerviche), Roy's, Roadrunner Cafe, Waimea Brewing Co.(BBQ Pork nachos), Brick Oven Pizza, Kalheo Steak House.

Our personal favorite is a hole in the wall in Lihue called Hamura's Saimin Stand. Down an alley...sit at low counters and get the large, "special" saimin with a couple of chicken or beef skewers...

That should get you started!
Jul 6th, 2000, 12:56 PM
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Gary & Kal,

Sorry to hear that you feel A Pacific Cafe has got a bit "off", we have gone to Kauai the last 4 years and going back for 5th time this December. We did not get to A Pacific Cafe on 99 trip, so I will make a point of checking it out this trip.

I agree with Margarita's for Mexican (too bad the owner of Sinaloa sold out). Kintaro is great for Japanese. Either Keoki's Paradise or Duke's (same management) are good for drinks, hula pie and usually have a good salad bar. We usually go to Duke's (in the Marriott). I also like the Bullshed (you have to get there when they open to get a window seat) for steak and primerib.
On the North Shore, we love Zelo's for lunch.

For expensive, my two faves are Beach House and Tidepools (Hyatt hotel). Sorry Kal, have to respectfully disagree about Roy's - feel they have gotten a bit overexposed, based on my last two visits. (Last trip we upgraded using mileage and were served Roy Yamaguchi food on Continental). I am really sorry about this, because this used to be my favorite place to eat, along with Pacific Cafe.

About Tahiti Nui, I have not been there in awhile, but I just read in "Ultimate Kauai Guidebook" that Tahiti Nui sold the restaurant part, it now serves Thai food, and retained the bar part. You have to pay separate checks.

Have a great trip, Gary, sure wish I was going next week.
Jul 6th, 2000, 03:47 PM
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Jamie, Darn! How the heck did I forget about The Bullshed?? We always have New Year's Eve dinner there...I love the Garlic Steak!..Makes for an interesting New Year's morning! The wife is 100% Italian, so I'm safe!

And def. get a window seat so the sea spray can get ya! Good, fresh salad bar there, too.

Been to Roy's once...a bit pretentious and no view...Decent food and service, tho.
At least Keoki's has the ambiance. (Darn...thoughts of Hula Pie again!).

Forgot about the Tidepools. Great food, a bit overpriced but for a special dinner, it's great. Felt like baiting a line and fishing with all of those koi swimming around.

Still, one of the simple pleasures, is a triple cheese burger with chili-cheese fries from Bubba's either in Kapaa on the porch or in Hanalei while people watching.

Has anybody "lurking" out there tried "Cerf's" in the old Charo's restaurant?

It had just opened up our last few days over there last year and since we were in Poipu this time, it was too far a drive.
We were THAT lazy since it was our last few days.

Forgot about a good sportsbar if that's your pleasure. Rob's Good Time Grill in Lihue. TVs, games..Good breakfast there, too.

Maybe we'll see you over there in Dec/Jan?
Jul 6th, 2000, 08:45 PM
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No one has mentioned BUBBA'S. If you have a kids and want a cheap lunch,it is THE place. There are 2 locations,our favorite is in Hanalei. Our friends were there once when David Crosby and Graham Nash came in.Good Luck.
Jul 7th, 2000, 09:43 AM
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I thought Kal mentioned Bubba's as one of the "simple pleasures"? How true.

The one in Hanalei is a bit of a "star-watching" place since it is located in the town center and it's kind of a Bohemian area.
I think Graham Nash's place is around there.
We also ran into Jackson Browne, Demi Moore, Craig T. Nelson, Steffi Graf.

Zelo's was good as was the restaurant in the old Hanalei schoolhouse whose name escapes me.

There was an old delivery truck in Hanalei where the guy sold the best fish tacos while parked off the side of the road. I think it was "Tropical Taco"????
Kauai was really nice. Your family should enjoy the beauty.
Jul 7th, 2000, 10:54 AM
Monica Richards
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In Hanalei, two good restaurants are Zilo's Beach House (for good, casual fare) and Postcards, for a truly excellent, not cheap, meal.
Jul 7th, 2000, 01:29 PM
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Aloha Kal,

Sounds like you might be in Kauai later than we will be. We will be in Kauai December 8-December 15. We have a timeshare at the Marriott where we will be staying. Let me know if you will be there at the same time, if so maybe you and your wife can meet up with my husband and I for drinks. (I post from work, so I don't use my real email address).

Haven't tried Bubba's yet, will definitely give it a try this trip.

Another place good for a beer or Coke, and hamburger, is Noe's Grill in Kapa'a.
Nothing fancy, local hangout with about 10 booths and bar.

Yeah, Tidepools is good but expensive, definitely a special even type of place.
But it is doable if you don't have to have an appetizer, salad and dessert with main course (split an appetizer or dessert). The atmosphere is beautiful. I also really liked the Stevenson Library at the Hyatt where we stopped for an after-dinner drink. Definitely reminds you of those old-line New York places.

You are right on about that Garlic Steak at the Bullshed,it's great! I can hardly wait to get back!!

Jul 7th, 2000, 03:36 PM
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Jamie, Darn...We just set up our New Year's trip last week. Coming over
If we go over any earlier, we get too much in the "swing" of the island that we can't make it to midnight on New Year's! Ha!

I forgot all about Noe's. They had some fresh fish there when we went. Ahi...

Also, the Camphouse opened up a few doors down from Noe's and the new "Theatre". "Hair" was playing when we were there...pretty surreal...seeing live theatre, "Hair" on Kauai.

As for other bars for a cool one, The Tradewinds at the Coconut Marketplace.
They have "Big [email protected]*" Beers. The glass is shaped like the lower half of a man with a big [email protected]#. Cheap refills if you buy the glass.
Local hangout with lot of games, sattelite TV, kareoke and you can order food from any of the restaurants in the Marketplace.

Duke's at the Marriott is a good cocktail place. And how the heck could I forget The Whaler Brew Pub at the end of the road past the Marriott.?

GREAT view, good brew, excellent munchies but service was hit and miss. Worth the wait, tho. The Sunday beer brunch was great.

Joe's at the Kiahuna Golf Course was a great place in Poipu to have breakfast. Pretty inexpensive for Poipu and great service. Good view, too.

I better stop because I may just drop everything and go over now.

And I know I'll think of another place when I log off! I think I've been there too many times and left most of my brain cells over there?
Jul 7th, 2000, 04:12 PM
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Hi Kal,

Gosh, that's too bad. Sounds like you will have a great trip though.

I'm going to call Marriott Jan 1/2 and try to book my unit for either week of Christmas 2001 or week of New Year 2001. If I'm successful, will let you know mid-May next year.

I agree Duke's is good for drinks, good pub food and also has a good salad bar (many don't). Also like that you can order smaller size portions of fish.

Haven't tried Whaler's yet-my husband is the beer drinker in the family, but may drive up for drinks and/or lunch one day.Your comments are in line with what I heard from people at the hotel who had been there though.

I liked House of Seafood also (at Poipu Kai condos) a couple of years ago, good fish selection,more variety than usual. But the best for variety of fish and ways to prepare was the old Seafood Grotto on Maui (in condo at Kahana). Not sure it's still there though. No view.

Only been to the Camphouse Grill in Kalaheo once for breakfast, now they are in Hanapepe and Kapaa. Good breakfasts.

Thanks for the info on Tradewinds, definitely sounds like my husband's kind of place if there is some reason I have to shop on this trip (like mac nuts or t-shirts for relatives).

God, I have to stop this, I am ready to pick up the phone and call Continental or HA and see if they have any standby!

Have a great trip Kal, and you also, Gary
Jul 7th, 2000, 04:44 PM
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Hey, everyone!

Thanks so much for all the great ideas. We leave in 6 days, and if I come upon anything that you haven't (which is hard to believe, with all you've given me), I'll let you know.

Jul 11th, 2000, 10:32 AM
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Aloha, Let's "top" this post for our U.K. friend who is looking for "Kauai Restaurant" info..

We met a great couple from Chesterfield, UK our last trip over to Kauai and will be meeting them again in London in Sept., so may as well return a favor.
Cheerio and carry on...Kal
Jul 11th, 2000, 02:59 PM
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Definitely the best restaurant on the north shore is the Hanalei Dolphin. Try the ahi. Yum!
Feb 20th, 2002, 08:31 PM
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I can't believe I started this post 2 years ago when we were about to leave for Kauai, and guess what, we're going again this summer! Any updates on restaurants! Really appreciate it.
Feb 21st, 2002, 01:48 AM
G Stook
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Just back, still jetlagged...

Lihue: Hanamaulu Restaurant for Japanese.

North shore: Cerfs or Certs was great but closed last summer, now it's just serving drinks for the condos or whatever they are. Roadrunner also closed after 9.11.

Princeville: try the Hawaiian (kalua pork and pineapple) pizza at J Boston or whatever it's called at the east center of the strip mall, it's next to Chuck's.

Hanelei: for a real deal, go to the back of the Old School House strip mall to the tiny Brazilian/Mexican restaurant called Niede's or something like that. It's behind Palm Palm or whatever the Cafe Luna is called now.
Feb 21st, 2002, 05:57 AM
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G stook, Would Cerf's or Cert happen to be Charo's old restaurant? We are going in June and haven't been there in years.
Feb 21st, 2002, 06:26 AM
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Not G, but yes, Charo's became Cert's and I think its still closed. As to the restaurant in Hanalei referred to by Susie, that is Hanalei Gourmet, a favorite of mine
Feb 21st, 2002, 04:10 PM
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When we were there in Dec'01/Jan '02 the Cert's sign was down and the Charo's sign was back up?????

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