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aagirl Jan 29th, 2006 07:44 AM

repost: Kauai, Hawaii details please
Hi, your post have been great in planning our trip in March. There's a lot we want to do in our 7 days on the island (we're staying at the Pono Kai in Kapa'a). We're looking for a GREAT massage/spa. The treatments don't need to be side by side or on the beach, just relaxing. Where's the best sushi on the island? I've read a lot about Sushi Blues, but we're in the process of quitting smoking and my interpretation is that it's very smokey. We love to grill out (we live in Milwaukee, don't get to do it too much this time of year). Is there a "best" place to purchase fresh fish to cook "at home?" Is bug spray/lotion necessary for comfort? Last question (for now), would you recommend bringing our own snorkel equiptment (we would purchase on the ML), or are the prices reasonable on island? I know we can rent but the germ factor (even if it's sterilized) kind of yucks me out. We'd prefer to rent fins only (if possible). Thanks for your help.

aagirl Jan 29th, 2006 07:45 AM


ojoy Jan 29th, 2006 12:02 PM

My favorite very special restaurant on Kauai is the Beach House (not far from Poipu) and one of the best spa experiences I have ever had was at the Hyatt.

StephCar Jan 29th, 2006 01:56 PM


Hello from Oshkosh! We just got back from Kauai, and stayed down the road from where you will stay at Wailua Bay (click on my name for my trip report.)

You are in luck with sushi, you will be staying near the most popular sushi restaurant on the island. It is called Kintaro Restaurant. Since I don't like sushi I did not eat there, but it was always jam packed. I think you need reservations. We went in once and I thought it was smoke free. You can walk there from Pono Kai--it is right on the main street, can't miss it, everyone knows about it.

Snorkel Bobs down the street (you could also walk there) will rent you snorkel gear for $32 for the week. They sanitize it all, but you can also just rent flippers if you like, I think. I know the basic gear rental is only $12/week, with the not so nice mask.

I used the Aloha Day Spa and thought it was great, but this was 4 years ago. We did not get to it this last trip. I would probably go with the Hyatt though if money is no object and you really want to be pampered.

I did bring bug spray for our trip but never used it--even on all our hikes. I did use it once when we visited in May and it was really wet (for a jungle hike) but otherwise have never found bugs to be a problem there.

Have fun! A trip to Hawaii to escape the WI winter is just heavenly.

cherie1 Jan 30th, 2006 08:01 AM

We brought a combination bug and sun protection lotion, but only used in on our ATV adventure and horseback riding since they went through some pretty lush areas. It never seemed necessary or desirable for anything else we did.

I got a wonderful massage at the Hyatt. I highly recommend Robert. And the spa there is nice--whirlpool, steam, outdoor lava rock showers, and also a shower with twelve shower heads.

We, too, wanted to have a sushi night, and ventured to the Sheraton to their sushi restaurant. The ambiance did not impress us, so we left without even entering. At the Hyatt, on Thursdays through Mondays, they have "sushi and martinis" at the Stevensons Library Bar. We ended up trying that out. It was a very fun atmosphere and the sushi was really good. It's a good choice.

Finally, just in case you are thinking of snorking only a day or two, we rented snorkling equipment for $5 for 24 hours, per person.

tinatoadster Jan 30th, 2006 08:07 AM

ON Kaui I loved Coconuts restaurant. It is very moderate and serves a lot of local fare. It is a nice place to do. Outdoor seating too I believe.

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