Red tide in Marco and along the gulf beaches

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Red tide in Marco and along the gulf beaches

Just got back from Marco Island and wanted to let folks know about the "red tide" that was all along the gulf coast.

The hotels seem to downplay it but it was on the news. There were tons of dead fish all along the beach and floating in the water. In addition, people with respitory problems were cautioned. The spores are in the air and people can get affected by coughing and/or sneezing. It depends on the direction of the wind. My husband sneezed alot, I had a burning sensation in my throat. Lots of people around me were coughing.

So I didn't go in the water to swim at all(which was a dissapointment) but did go out on a catamaran.

Thought people might be interested.

I don't know how long it will be there.
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What causes a red tide?
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Red Tide is a sudden algae bloom, it's a fact of nature and lasts for several days to several weeks.
It can and does occur anywhere that there is salt water.
The hotels downplayed it because it's really not a big deal, it's part of nature and it happens.
Pollen makes us sneeze too.
The only way to be sure to avoid it is never go to the beach, sorry to say.
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Florida gal is right. There are no real answers on the cause. Matter of fact, red tides can last months, but they drift out to sea depending on winds and currents. One day you'll notice it and the next day it's gone. Dead fish on the shore is usually a result of several intense days. I live here (Tampa Bay) and I hate it. It's usually worst in the really hot months, I'm surprised you even noticed it in the winter. And it is a lot like pollen. Some people are very affected by it, others only notice it when they step on the dead fish! But either way, no illness results.
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There was a red tide in the panhandle when we were there and oddly it happened in Dec.! We coughed, there were a few dead fish on the beach, yes, it made the news, but luckily the wind picked up and it was gone in a day. No big deal. I wouldn't let that stop me from going to FL or the beach!
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Here's a site with a description of what exactly red tide is, and up-to-date reports on places in Florida that are affected.

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