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JerseySue Apr 24th, 2006 09:43 AM

Real nice place to have dinner in Cincinatti, Ohio
We will be in Cincinatti this Friday night - can someone recommend a nice downtown restaurant ??

LLindaC Apr 24th, 2006 10:07 AM

Pigall's is the first choice in extreme gourmet.I hated seeing La Maisonette close, I used to love it. For a little less pomp, the same chef has a bistro..JeanRo Bistro. Haven't tried it yet, I can't imagine it being less than great. For a fun experience, take a taxi to Mt Adams. Great fun area- beautiful views of the city. We had a good meal at the Rookwood Pottery- not fancy, but solid and the interior of the place is cool. The Mt Adams Fish House is also quite good. You have the option of going across the river to Newport- lots to do, fun places. A few chain restaurants, but my husband enjoys taking clients to Jeff Ruby's Club Tropicana. It's quite festive in there and has good food and drinks. It gets pretty rocking after dinner hour, too.

mamajo Apr 24th, 2006 10:46 AM

I would choose the BoatHouse for the view of the river and the wonderful Ribs.

maj Apr 24th, 2006 02:23 PM

Do you want/need to stay in the downtown area and how much do you want to spend?

In the downtown area, along with the ones mentioned above, off the top of my head, there is Palomino's, Jack Ruby's Steakhouse, Arnolds Restaurant, Nicholsen's Pub, Morton's Steakhouse. Most of these have web sites that you can look up menus and prices if you are interested. I haven't been to any of them lately, but know people who have and haven't heard any complaints.

The Boathouse is on the river and a Cincinnati tradition (Montgomery Ribs). The food is good (not 4 star if that is what you are looking for) and although they are known for their ribs, they have a pretty varied menu. It is a very popular place and they have a bar upstairs and a deck around the River side of the building where you can sit either while waiting for your table or after you eat.

There are also many fine restaurants on the Kentucky side of the Ohio River (which you can get to easily). We always frequent restaurants along the River during the nice weather. Wherever you decide, I would make reservations (it's not too early).

JerseySue Apr 25th, 2006 09:44 AM

Thanks guys - looks like a tough decision to just pick one !

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